Dog owners share before and after pictures of their muddy dogs

Dog owners share before and after pictures of their muddy dogs

January 16, 2021

Mucky pups! Owners share photos of their dirty dogs COVERED in mud – including a lazy French bulldog who blends into the pavement

  • Pet owners from around the world shared photos of their mucky pups online 
  • They include a white Samoyed from Finland who got very muddy on a walk
  • Best examples are included in a Bored Panda gallery that will warm your heart 

When it comes to keeping your house clean and tidy the family pet can often make your job a lot harder.

And these exasperated dog owners have shared hilarious before and after pictures of their freshly cleaned dogs who got covered in mud on their walks. 

The best examples from around the world were collated in a Bored Panda gallery.

From a white Samoyed who had a muddy playdate to a French Bulldog who couldn’t resist jumping in the dirt, FEMAIL reveals a selection of the muckiest pups…

This adorable golden retriever in the US looked perfectly clean before he ended up covered in so much mud he could barely see

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Sandra Katiela from Neuss in Germany shared this picture of her adorable French bulldog Hugo all clean before his walk (left) and after he had rolled in a muddy puddle (right) 


This pair of white Samoyed pups live in Vienna in Austria and started off their walk looking clean and white. However at the end of their walk the pooches both were covered in dirt and looked up at the camera guiltily  

Onni, a five-month-old Samoyed from Helsinki, Finland, before (left) and after (right) a muddy doggy playdate with his owners Lotta Alajoki, 25, and Miiro Lehto, 30

Harvey the Golden Irish from Melbourne, Australia poses at the start of his walk (left) before being covered from head to toe in mud (right) 

Yellow Labrador Winnie poses before heading off on her walk before ending up with muddy paws and nose

Boxer Ralph from Greece is pictured before rolling in the mud (left) and looks guilty after his owners find him covered in dirt (right)

Chipper the Collie has a pristine coat of white and black fur before his walk (left) but returns home with mud all over him

This sweet dog ended up having a great time rolling around in the mud on the beach

Koira (Koi) the Borzoi ended up with black mud covering her legs after going on a walk with her owner 

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