Do YOU wear pants to bed?

Do YOU wear pants to bed?

June 24, 2021

Twitter users are STILL divided over whether you should wear pants to bed after Susannah Constantine asked the question that sparked a week-long debate – so, which side are YOU on?

  • Susannah Constantine triggered a debate in her podcast earlier this week
  • Style guru debated Emma Barnett about wearing – or not wearing – pants to bed 
  • Holly Willoughby admitted on this morning she doesn’t wear pants at night
  • Now social media users have chimed in, with many saying it’s freeing to go commando 

It’s the simple question that’s divided the nation- should you wear knickers to bed under your pyjamas?

Style guru Susannah Constantine triggered an online debate in her latest podcast earlier this week, with BBC Woman’s Hour host Emma Barnett being pro-pants, while the 59-year-old stylist insists on going commando. 

The debate made its way to BBC Woman’s Hour, with some Radio 4 listeners saying it causes too much laundry to change pyjamas everyday while others argued that they lack freedom if they wear underwear at night.

Susannah Constantine, 59, discussed whether it was acceptable to wear pants under pyjamas in bed on her podcast My Wardrobe Malfunction, sparking a flurry of debate

‘No pants!’ Holly Willoughby revealed on Tuesday that she wears no knickers in bed

It was further discussed on ITV’s This Morning, where Holly Willoughby confessed to not wearing pants to bed. 

Now, social media users have continued the debate – with one writing: ‘People wear pants in bed? Weirdos’ while another shared: ‘Of course I wear pants under my pyjamas, why wouldn’t you?’

‘Surely the one time you can reasonably not wear knickers is when you’ve got pyjamas on,’ wrote one. ‘If I lived alone on a desert island then I’d happily burn all the knickers’.

‘Knickers under pyjamas?! Well, I never!’ added another. ‘Though I suppose they could prevent wedgies which is why I prefer nighties. Or do they compound the problem?’     

Guest Emma Barnett, host of BBC’s Woman’s Hour, was 100 per cent in the pants on camp, writing on Instagram later: ‘Pjs without knickers? Unthinkable’

‘Knickers under PJs, always!’ exclaimed a third. 

Others said that they always wore pants in case of a nighttime emergency.

‘I always wear nice PJs as my mother always said you don’t know when you’ll get rescued by fireman or end up in hospital’.

While some suggested ditching PJs all together and just sleeping naked. 

Susannah Constantine sparks debate by admitting she doesn’t wear pants under PJs on her fashion podcast – but listeners say it’s like ‘punishing yourself’ 

Style guru Susannah Constantine has triggered an online debate in her latest podcast on fashion – about whether you should wear knickers under pyjamas in bed. 

The 59-year-old stylist was talking to Woman’s Hour presenter Emma Barnett about sartorial slip-ups on her My Wardrobe Malfunction podcast when the pair began discussing whether it was acceptable to wear pants and PJs together in bed.

While Constantine appeared cautious in admitting that she ‘sometimes’ did choose to wear knickers under her pyjamas, Barnett was 100 per cent committed to the idea that you should don underwear with PJs. 

The pair discussed sartorial slip-ups on Constantine’s fashion podcast, which has seen a host of celebrities including Tan France, Michelle Visage, Nile Rodgers and Elizabeth Hurley 

The pair’s discussion, for the hour-long podcast, divided listeners, with one saying not wearing pants was ‘weird’, while others maintained that ‘fresh air’ in the nether regions was a good thing when sleeping.

The conversation began with Constantine saying that ‘sometimes’ she dons underwear under her pyjamas because she feels ‘vulnerable’ and likes to feel cozy. 

Radio 4 presenter Barnett quickly fired back: ‘Of course you wear knickers under your pyjamas.’

Taken aback, the podcast’s host then responded: ‘Do you wear knickers under your pyjamas when you go to bed? No that’s not true, shut up!’

Barnett wrote: ‘Yes. You always need a gusset.’

Constantine added that she ‘was a bit embarrassed’ about admitting to wearing pants with PJs and assumed no-one else did. 

Barnett replied: ‘I don’t have the text message console to give me some feedback here from people listening live but I’m happy to be out on this limb.’

After the Woman’s Hour presenter posted a snippet of the podcast referencing the conversation on her Instagram, comments came in thick and fast.

She wrote: ‘Apparently there is a debate. She is rarely wrong in the sartorial stakes. But I strongly beg to differ in the PJ pant department. Pjs without knickers? Unthinkable.’ 

While some were a resolute ‘pants on’ in the responses, many others said they preferred going knicker-less if they were wearing the bedwear. 

Theothersambaker penned: ‘On this you are wrong Emma!’

Mothershub wrote: ‘Why would you punish yourself by wearing pants in bed?? Pants off.’ 

Tinkerbellionx_ added: ‘Never knickers under PJs nor a nightdress! Fresh air!’ 

Lizevanswrites ‘NEVER knickers with PJs, that’s the whole point! Comfort and good air circulation at night…. but I know people who would never EVER go without…’ 

Constantine’s fashion podcast has seen a host of celebrities interviewed about their views on fashion including Tan France, Michelle Visage, Nile Rodgers and Elizabeth Hurley. 


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