Dawn French cuts off hair in favour of short crop – all to grow it back to ‘full grey glory’

Dawn French cuts off hair in favour of short crop – all to grow it back to ‘full grey glory’

September 17, 2021

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The Vicar of Dibley’s Dawn French is synonymous with a glossy brunette bob and a blunt fringe, but it seems it’s time for change as the star has just unveiled a short new look.

Showing her 200k Instagram followers a close-up of her new ‘do, Dawn can be seen sporting short tresses, peppered with grey hairs. She also explains the thought process behind the new crop, detailing how it’s all part of the journey to allowing a full head of grey to grow.

“Cutting off all the old colour…gradually getting there with the grey… starting short… aiming at the ol bob in full grey glory…. It’s a process… I’m not great at patience,” she writes.

The liberating move has been fully supported by her friends and followers, dozens of whom have attempted to grow out their greys themselves.

“Love it, I’m next,” comments one, while another says: “Same! Grey is the new blonde.”

A third writes: “I did exactly the same! Last year. Love not having to do my roots every 3 weeks now.”

Ask any professional hair colourist and they’ll describe how hugely our colouring habits have changed since the national lockdowns. Many women, like Dawn, who used to opt for regular maintenance appointments to cover their greys have now gone through the worst part of the growing-out process, and are keen to let their natural hair shine through.

For anyone looking to go grey gradually, without having to go cold turkey like Dawn, you could try a new salon technique called “grey blending”.

What is grey blending?

“It’s about working with grey hair, rather than covering it,” says Zoë Irwin, Wella Professionals colour trend expert. “Techniques like babylights and balayage can be used to blend grey hair into an overall look, giving a more natural result. It’s perfect for those who want to embrace their grey hair gracefully – without the regrowth! Think of it like a balayage but using some of the grey tones.”

Whether you’re going for a full grey look like Dawn, or are keen to dip your toe in with a bit of balayage, we applaud your decision!

Have you let your greys fully grow out?


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