Dakota Meyer Slams ‘Teen Mom OG’ On Social Media, Calling It ‘Trailer Trash Real Housewives’

Dakota Meyer Slams ‘Teen Mom OG’ On Social Media, Calling It ‘Trailer Trash Real Housewives’

December 5, 2018

Dakota Meyer is never afraid to speak his mind on a number of issues, including the show that he and ex-wife Bristol Palin appear on.

As fans of Teen Mom OG know, Bristol and Dakota’s relationship troubles are currently playing out on the show but he feels as though it is a misrepresentation of the way that things really are. Yesterday, the 30-year-old took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the show, going on somewhat of a rant.

“What’s sad is that @Viacom has turned Teen Mom to a trailer trash Real Housewives instead of showing what the true struggles of parenting are. I’ll bring my VLOG back and show you what single parenting looks like since they can’t seem to figure it out.”

Additionally, Meyer shared a screenshot of his tweet on his Instagram page, saying that parenting is way more than “everyone sitting around b****ing about their exes.” So far, the Instagram post has earned the Medal of Honor winner a lot of attention with over 11,000 likes in addition to 500-plus comments. While some followers agreed with Meyer’s post, countless others said that they had a problem with Meyer’s words.

“You had no problem making money off that show that you now have an issue with bc you didn’t like the light they showed you in. Maybe you should be getting help for your PTSD and leave the show be,” one follower commented.

“That’s why I don’t waste my energy or time watching it… pure garbage.”

“True. I would actually love to see a show that has single men doing the job of a single parent,” another wrote.

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This is not the first time that Meyer has been the subject of controversy since he began appearing on the hit MTV show. As the Inquisitr shared in October, Meyer and Palin got into an argument on social media about the birth of their daughter. Meyer shared a lengthy caption with fans, saying that he found out that his second daughter was born through social media and not from Bristol herself.

After seeing his post on social media, Palin told a different story saying that for Dakota to say that he found out about the birth of their daughter on Twitter was something that was absolutely “untrue.”

“I will not stand by and allow false evil information, such as this, to be printed for our daughter to see one day,” Palin said.

Teen Mom OG is currently airing Monday evenings on MTV.

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