Daily horoscope for September 7: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Daily horoscope for September 7: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

September 6, 2020

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The Taurus Moon is in conjunction with Uranus, which promises to deliver a full-on week ahead. But YouTube astrologer Gregory Scott said the Taurus Moon will bring with it practicality which will allow you to make decisions with a clear head.

He said: “Taurus is the sign of the Bull and is in Earth. Taurus is super-practical, controlling, it does not like change and likes to make nice things to do.

“The sign likes to create abundance, wealth and beautiful environments.”

There will be highs and lows as the Taurus Moon dances with the Virgo Sun, promising highs and lows.

Nonetheless, it will be an eventful week, with things set to reach a turning point in your life, as the Taurus Moon in harmony with Jupiter and Neptune will offer a chance for reflection.

All things considered, new doors will open, but you should take ample time to reflect on what has been happening and what will be best for you going forward.

Such a plethora of signs aligning means now is the time to look at your love life, career and your personal life.

Taurus the bull rules the very foundation of your existence – food, money, your body and material survival.

Uranus, however, is there to force you into the changes you need, or at least should consider over the course of the week.

This evening, however, is the perfect time to focus on your love life, making that the priority for today.

The setting Virgo Sun should be enough to give you a confidence boost to make the nitty decisions.

The Taurus Moon which will rise as the Sun sets is also there to remind you that everything is up for grabs.

Mars and Jupiter are both visible in the sky over the night time this week, which will take you on a personal journey.

But the rising of Neptune will create a magical atmosphere which will keep you grounded.

“Another trine with Jupiter completes the picture and, come the evening, you’re excited, hopeful and sure onto a good thing.

“Relationships work a treat and this is a good time to approach someone with your plans.

“Monday night is a romantic affair, with Neptune picking up the lunar vibes and creating a magical atmosphere.

“It’s an excellent start to a week that’s far too hot to trot.

“With Mars and Jupiter about to create major fireworks in the skies, you’re in for an incredible week, a hell-raising, knuckle-whitening, rollercoaster ride. Where’s that hat? Hold onto it!”

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