Dad who was queuing 45 minutes in car wash line handed £100 parking fine

Dad who was queuing 45 minutes in car wash line handed £100 parking fine

April 12, 2022

A man has said he was hit with a £100 parking fine for waiting 45 minutes in a line for a car wash.

Ahsan Haji, 33, from east London, was handed the charge following a trip to a BP petrol station on March 19.

He claimed he waited 45 minutes to clean his vehicle at his local garage before he was given a fine a week later.

It was reported he received a £100 fine to pay Euro Car Parks for outstaying the 25 minute limit.

The dad-of-three allegedly appealed the fine, but is still waiting to hear back from the company.

Now he insists he will not be paying the parking fine, saying the situation was "unacceptable".

He said: "We never parked – we were in the queue the whole time.

"There were six or seven cars in the queue with us who would have also been issued a fine. I absolutely should not have to pay that.

"They should be ashamed of themselves."

Last month Ahsan visited the car wash with his wife Linda Goslar, 31, and their three sons aged eight, five and three.

And when he received the letter, he "couldn't believe it".

The letter said: "We are using cameras to capture images of vehicles entering and leaving the car park to calculate their length of stay.

"Your vehicle was parked longer than the maximum period allowed.

"By remaining at the car park without authorisation, in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in the signage, the Parking Charge is now payable to Euro Car Parks."

He appealed the fine on the same day that he received the letter and is still waiting for a response from Euro Car Parks.

Ahsan believes he shouldn't have to pay the fine as he was never parked, just waiting.

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He added: "We were sat in the car the whole time – we never parked.

"They should be ashamed of themselves, and I am not paying.

"We were queueing – how can you charge us and call that parking?"

Daily Star has contacted Euro Car Parks and BP for comment.

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