Crufts hopefuls arrive for day 3 of Crufts

Crufts hopefuls arrive for day 3 of Crufts

March 12, 2022

Absolutely fur-bulous! Crufts hopefuls including a whole lot of poodles arrive at the arena looking dapper as the world’s biggest dog show continues in Birmingham

  • Stylish pooches arrived at biggest dog show in the world today in Birmingham
  • Third day of the event saw toy dog breeds including poodles facing the judges
  • Show returns this year after being cancelled in 2021 due to the Covid pandemic

Some truly fur-bulous dogs have been spotted in Birmingham today as Crufts returned for the event’s third day.

Pooches had been decked out in elaborate outfits, or been given fancy hair cuts, by their humans as they took to the NEC arena to take part in a number of displays.

More than 20,000 canines are taking part this year, many of whom sported stylish outfits, including animal print onesies, leg warmers, and cosy, colourful jumpers. 

The animals, from around the world, will compete in agility and obedience competitions over the next three days with one being named best in show tomorrow. Among today’s categories are utility and toy dog groups. 

These poodles were among the hundreds of dogs who arrived at Birmingham’s NEC arena today to take part in Crufts

Crufts returns this year after it was cancelled last year due to the Covid pandemic. Toy dogs – like this Toy Poodle – are being judged today

Well coiffed: it takes a lot of effort to get show-ready, with this pooch waiting patiently as his fur is trimmed into shape

With toy dog breeds facing the judges today, many of the pooches on show were looking well coiffed and smart, including this Poodle

This pair of Pomeranians were looked extra fluffy in their matching jumpers

Two more Standard Poodle dogs rock up to the event, sporting different hair styles

These Moyen poodles were also spotted entering the exhibition centre

A Pomeranian is seen on the third day of the Crufts Dog Show in Birmingham,

A poodle decked out in blue leg warmers makes his way towards the arena

Several of the dogs were sporting elaborate outfits – like these animal print onesies, which look smart and keep the animals warm in the cool March weather

Best paw forward: with their coiffed dos, this trio of Poodles makes their way to the show

This Papillon looks perky and fresh, as he takes some time out to relax during the event

Locks up: someone has styled this Toy Poodle’s fur into bunches

Getting show ready involves being combed and coiffed for this toy poodle

A dog owner looks pleased as she readies her Standard Poodle ahead of competition time

With poodles being among the breeds in the toy dog category, which is being judged today, many of the pooches were on show, including this Standard Poodle

Crufts, which is the world’s biggest dog show, kicked off on Thursday, and will run over the weekend, ending tomorrow.

This year has been particularly anticipated by dog show enthusiasts as it comes  after being cancelled in 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Dogs of more than 200 breeds will be competing to be crowned Best in Show this year. There are also other competitions and categories, including agility and obedience.

This year, there will be a record-breaking 16 hours of broadcast, so Crufts lovers who can’t watch these categories in person can keep up with the event on Channel 4 and More4.

Dog owners and their Standard Poodle take some time out 

A dog owner hairsprays her Miniature Poodle on the third day of the Crufts Dog Show

These pooches – a sleepy-looking Maltese dog is groomed before being judged 

Looking good! This magnificent Chow Chow waits patiently backstage

A well-coiffed Miniature Poodle is examined by his owner during day three of the show

Last minute checks: a woman gives her Standard Poodle the once over backstage

There isn’t a fur out on place on this Standard Poodle, who is standing patiently while being groomed 

This Standard Poodle has a more natural look – but is no less coiffed than the others

Give me a kiss: this woman is licked by her adorable Toy Poodle 

Meanwhile, this Miniature Poodle is blasted with hairspray, to keep every hair in place

This Coton de Tulear is one of the breeds making an appearance at Crufts on day 3

Dog tired: women take a break with their Greyhound, amid the hectic environment

These Toy Poodles are carried around by their human, ahead of their competition today

Snip! Another patient pooch waits as their human takes scissors to their coat

It’s almost showtime for this Yorkshire Terrier, who is having a last minute groom

Meanwhile, this Smooth Coat Chihuahua is looking calm and patient ahead of the judging

A woman grooms her Havanese dog on the third day of the event, the largest dog show in the world

This year, the event will feature several breeds which have returned from near extinction, including the Harrier. 

This specialist breed was recognised by The Kennel Club in 2020, after Harriers had all but disappeared in the UK in the 1920s.   

In 2021, the Kennel Club registered 38 Harrier puppies and there are 19 competing at Crufts 2022 for the Best in Show crown – for the first time in over 120 years. 

Meanwhile the Smooth Faced Pyrenean Sheepdog will compete for the Best in Show title at Crufts for the first time ever, after being recognised as the 222nd breed by The Kennel Club last year. There are just two competing for Best in Show at Crufts 2022.    

A woman draws the attention of her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs

These three Italian Greyhounds were decked out in fancier outfits than many of the humans

A Long Coat Chihuahua attends day three of the event, which judge toy dog and utility breeds

A woman cuddles her Italian Greyhound dog, giving the animal a quick hug and a peck 

Women stand with their adorable Papillon dogs, as they wait for the judging to start

These two dogs avoided walking, and instead were pushed by pram to the venue

Another pair of pooches – these two Chinese Crested dogs – were seen sitting in their cage backstage

Another Chinese Crested dog sits behind spectators viewing a judging ring

Show time: A dog owner competes with her Standard Poodle

With toy dogs being judges today, all eyes were on this Standard Poodle

A Maltese practices on the third day of the Crufts Dog Show

As well as toy dogs, utility breeds were judged on day 3, including these Dalmatians 

It’s not just dog show lovers who are pleased the show is back after its two-year hiatus.

This year has seen Paralympics presenter Sophie Morgan take her place as host for Crufts on Channel 4. 

Speaking earlier this week, as the event launched, she said:  ‘I’m so happy Crufts is back! Every dog has its day at this amazing event and these three breeds making history are among them. 

‘I can’t wait for the show to officially begin on Thursday and to be a part of it, and meet lots more dogs!’

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