Common freezer mistakes to avoid – makes appliance ‘less efficient’

Common freezer mistakes to avoid – makes appliance ‘less efficient’

October 2, 2022

Money saving: Expert reveals freezer tip

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With energy prices higher than ever, the cost of living crisis is well underway and households are looking for ways to cut down their bills. One way to save money is by using your appliances correctly. AO, the electrical retailer has revealed common freezer mistakes and the best way to stock a freezer so it is effcient. 

Taking to TikTok, @ao shared a video with its 54k followers, it was titled “common freezer mistakes”.

These included “freezing food for too long, keeping the freezer nearly empty, and defrosting [food] at room temperature”. 

1. Freezing food for too long 

According to High Speed Training, vegetables can be frozen for eight to 12 months, fruit on the other hand lasts for around eight months, but can last longer if in an unopened packet. 

Cooked meat should be kept for no longer than three to six months, whereas mince meat should be taken out and used after two to three months. 

Sausages and bacon can be kept up for two months “before they deteriorate in quality”. 

Bread, pastries such as cakes, can be frozen for up to three months. 

One way to ensure food is getting used within these recommended dates is by “writing dates on bags and containers so you know when to use the food in them,” AO said. 

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2. Keeping the freezer nearly empty 

AO experts explained how “a full freezer retains cold better than an empty one. But don’t jack pack the freezer – you need air to circulate”. 

Tech Advisor suggests the freezer “should be at least 70 percent full in order to run efficiently”  and “cost you minimum” but no more than “85 percent of its capacity”. 

“The cold temperature in a freezer is largely maintained by the stored food and the walls, not the air inside. 

“Cold goods keep each other cool and help to bring newly added items down to the correct temperature.

“If you’re building up your freezer contents or emptying it rapidly, fill milk jugs or large water bottles with cold water to take the place of food. This will help to keep your freezer running well,” they said.

It’s advisable to shuffle items around and leave small gaps when adding extra products to ensure the cold air can reach items already inside. 

3. Defrosting at room temperature 

If you defrost food on the counter tip, bacteria may grow on their surfaces. Thaw in the microwave instead. 

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) doesn’t recommend defrosting food at room temperature. 

“Ideally, food should be defrosted in the fridge in a container big enough to catch any drips,” they explained. “If this isn’t possible, use a microwave on the defrost setting directly before cooking. 

“Check the guidance on food packaging and allow enough time for your food to defrost properly.”

In another video, the appliance experts showed followers how to stock their freezer “perfectly”. 

For those with four drawers, here’s what you should be putting inside each one. 

Top drawer – ice cream, ice 

Second drawer – vegetables and anything veggie related 

Third drawer – potatoes, bread, garlic bread, hash browns 

Fourth drawer – meat, fish 

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