Christine Quinn’s ‘Selling Sunset’ glam costs $1K per day

Christine Quinn’s ‘Selling Sunset’ glam costs $1K per day

September 10, 2020

“Selling Sunset” star Christine Quinn sells million-dollar homes while looking like a million bucks herself.

The real estate agent, 31, opened up about her plastic surgery and extensive beauty routine in a recent interview with Vogue, confessing that her personal upkeep comes with a hefty price tag.

“I tell people all the time: I got my boobs done, I get my lips done, tons of Botox, tons of makeup. How I look on [‘Selling Sunset’] is not how I look when I wake up in the morning,” she said.

“When it comes to the show, I don’t do my own hair. I do my own makeup because I love doing it. The full start to finish, including wardrobe, is around two and a half to three hours. My glam isn’t cheap, either — $1,000 a day, if I go all out. It’s expensive to look this cheap.”

Quinn added that she’s “all about plastic surgery truth-bearing,” explaining, “It’s important in a world where there’s this facade of social media causing people to have body dysmorphia. People think that [things are] real, and they’re not.”

It’s no surprise that her glam can drain a bank account; the reality star previously told Page Six Style that one of her favorite self-care products is a $267 yoni egg.

Quinn also discussed her fashion choices with Vogue, pointing out that her closet has changed as she has become more successful.

“My style has always been over the top. I consider myself a dominatrix Barbie,” she said. “In Season 1, I wasn’t doing as well as I am now, so I was buying and returning a lot. I also didn’t have the relationships I do now with sales representatives at stores such as Gucci, Balenciaga, and Louis Vuitton, so things have changed. I got bolder; neon green was big last year and I wore a lot of Off-White, Alexander Wang, and Balenciaga.”

“I went into the show wanting to be taken seriously,” she continued. “Even though I’m confident, I dressed in a way that I thought people would expect a realtor to look. I was a little more conservative, I covered up more. One thing I learned in Season 2 is that [fashion] doesn’t define you. I can be a professional and sell homes, and it doesn’t matter what I wear. I became a little more myself and more vulnerable. I was portrayed in season one as a ‘one-note bitch’ so I’m doing my best to show people that I am relatable. There’s a misconception that powerful women don’t have emotions or mental health struggles and don’t have apprehension about things. It was important that I showed more of myself and opened up.”

Looks like Erika Jayne may have some “Xxpensive” competition on “RHOBH” if Quinn gets the diamond she’s vying for after all.

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