Choc fans are loving Aldi’s chocolate snowman that melts into hot chocolate

Choc fans are loving Aldi’s chocolate snowman that melts into hot chocolate

October 5, 2020

ALDI is selling a chocolate snowman that melts into hot chocolate – and shoppers are loving it. 

The snowman starts to liquefy when you pour hot milk over it, turning it into a chocolatey drink.

Each snowman is also filled with a hidden centre of marshmallows and chocolate drops, which will start to appear as it melts away.

The festive treat comes in two flavours, milk and white chocolate, and is available in Aldi stores now for £1.79 each.

It comes as part of the supermarket’s Christmas 2020 range, but shoppers have already been stocking up.

Writing on the NewFoodsUK Instagram page, one customer said: "Got mine… all ready for the Christmas Eve Box."

Another added: "Simple yet devastatingly Christmasy 10/10."

A third said: "How cute are these?"

And a fourth added: "Omg need these."

In a separate post on the Aldi Shoppers UK Facebook group, a parent joked how her child liked that the snowman sounded like it was "farting" as it melted.

They said: "Wow I definitely recommend these! Milk wasn’t quite hot enough (I was impatient) but it tasted amazing.

"Best hot chocolate I’ve ever had. Our boy loved the fact the snowman farts when it started melting."

You'll get one glass of hot chocolate out of each snowman, so it would be better value to buy a pot of hot chocolate powder to make multiple mugs.

Of course, you won't get the fun of watching a snowman melt before your eyes.

But if you'd rather get more for your money, you can buy a 400g of hot chocolate mix from Asda for £1.04.

Aldi also sells its own-brand hot chocolate, but it isn't listed on its website.

We've asked the retailer for more information about its melting snowman, such as how many calories one contains, and how long they'll be around for, and we'll be updating this story.

But as its the snowmen are for Christmas, they should be in stores for a few months.

Aldi is also selling blood orange and gin and salted caramel mince pies for Christmas.

Shoppers will also be pleased to know that the popular two-metre pig in blanket will be making a return.

This Aldi fan reckons the supermarket's southern fried chicken strips taste just like McDonald’s Selects.

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