‘Challenger: The Final Flight’ trailer explores 1986 tragedy

‘Challenger: The Final Flight’ trailer explores 1986 tragedy

September 2, 2020

Netflix has released the trailer for its upcoming docuseries that delves into the lead up to and aftermath of the 1986 Challenger shuttle disaster, “Challenger: The Final Flight.”

The four-part series premieres Sept. 16 and will offer a comprehensive look at the events surrounding the catastrophe, with a particular focus on the shuttle’s crew. The seven-member crew was among NASA’s most diverse to-date and included Ellison Onizuka, the first Asian American to reach space, Ronald McNair, the second black person to reach space, and Christa McAuliffe, who was to be the first school teacher to reach space.

As the trailer teases, “The Final Flight” will mix archival footage and new interviews with the crew’s surviving family members to craft a portrait of the astronauts on the Challenger. The film will also explore the flawed decision-making process at NASA and the ignored warnings that preceded the disaster, as well as the devastating impact the explosion had on America, with so many schoolchildren watching the events unfold live on television.

“Challenger: The Final Flight” was directed by Steve Leckart and Daniel Junge, while J.J. Abrams executive produced the project.

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