Cat in the Hat: TikTok video shows cat wearing a series of funny hats

Cat in the Hat: TikTok video shows cat wearing a series of funny hats

October 18, 2020

Cat in the hat! Owner creates VERY fetching headpieces using her moggy’s leftover hair in TikTok video viewed 46 million times

  • Creative pet owner, from Russia, shared hilarious video of their cat Sonya 
  • Brushed their feline friend before transforming excess hair into hat shapes 
  • TikTok users were left in hysterics over clip which has amassed 46 million views  

An owner created hats made out of hair for her patient cat in a TikTok video viewed 46million times. 

The unnamed owner from Moscow, Russia, brushed Sonya the cat before removing clumps of fur from the brush to create a beret, cap and beanie for her to wear. 

A video of the hilarious project quickly went viral after being shared on TikTok, with over 46 million people watching the bizarre clip.

A hilarious video shared by a TikTok user in Russia has racked up 46 million views online after the pet owner dressed their cat Sonya up in a series of hats crafted from her leftover hair 

At the start of the clip Sonya is seen being brushed by her owner, who removes a large clump of loose fur. 

Sonya then sits and looks rather unimpressed as a bobble hat is placed on top of her head, followed by a baseball cap.

Then a dress hat and what appears to be a top hat are also sculpted and then worn by Sonya.

The video was a smash hit on TikTok, having been viewed more than 46million times and liked more than 5.3million times. 

Multiple hats are trialled on Sonya’s head including a bobble hat, flat cap, a dress hat (left) and a top hat (right)

TikTok users loved Sonya’s reluctant grooming session, with one commenting: ‘I’m on a tram actually laughing out loud. Lost it at the hat.’

Another likened the cat to a Dr Seuss character, saying: ‘The cat in the hat!’

An account set up for Basil the beagle left a comment saying: ‘This epic. I wish I had enough fur to do this!’  

People on TikTok fell in love with Sonya and the clip of her trying on the different hats, with one account, dedicated to a beagle called Basil, wishing they had enough fur to try it themselves

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