Cardi B Shows Off 'Mustache' with Hilariously Crass Commentary, Says Four-Month-Old Son Is Talking

Cardi B Shows Off 'Mustache' with Hilariously Crass Commentary, Says Four-Month-Old Son Is Talking

January 6, 2022

The "WAP" rapper showed off her upper lip fuzz with off-color comparison that is so totally on brand.

Cardi B remains as unfiltered as ever, and it’s just so refreshingly uncomfortable. Never shy in talking about her “mustache” over the years, the “WAP” rapper was showing off her latest peach fuzz when she made a startlingly crass comparison.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, the rapper recorded a short clip of her checking out her own face. “Mustache is mustaching,” she noted, turning her head from side to side and even pursing her lips to better try and capture her glorious (and nearly impossible to see) mane.

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Then, without missing a beat, she brought it home. “They said that if you have a mustache you got a good p—–,” she said, adding in a deadpan voice, “So purr.”

Elsewhere in her Stories, Cardi shared that she is absolutely positive that her son is starting to understand communication, and even beginning to talk back. She and Offset welcomed a son, their second child, back in September. The couple has not yet revealed his name.

According to Cardi, when asked if he loved “Mommy,” their four-month-old son replied with a definitive, “Yes.” It wasn’t baby babble, she emphasized, but an actual affirmative.

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“I’m not exaggerating, this baby is talking,” Cardi said. “I put this on everything I love in the name of Jesus Christ. Like first of all, my husband saw it.”

As further evidence of his advanced development, which she was clearly blown away by, Cardi said that she heard him responding to a song with the word, “Hello,” when called for.

She wondered if it might have to do with the pandemic, or if it’s not as unusual as it seems to her that a four month old is talking. One thing she determined, though, is she needs to set up a camera to capture his rapid development.

Looking down at him, she declared, “Yo, you talking for real. And you just turned four months today. You talking for real!”

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