Cardi B lyrics ‘hoes don’t get cold’ supported by new scientific study

Cardi B lyrics ‘hoes don’t get cold’ supported by new scientific study

November 3, 2021

The rapper Cardi B sang in her song "Hectic" that a "hoe never gets cold" and a psychology study has backed her up.

In a TikTok video posted on October 28, scientist Roxanne Nai'a @naia_papaia shares her research on how women can withstand cold temperatures when they're concerned about looking attractive.

She says the study is called: "When looking 'hot' means not feeling cold: Evidence that self-objectification inhibits feelings of being cold."

Roxanne explains her theory is that women who are thinking a lot about an "outsider's perspective of their body" are less likely to feel hunger or be aware of their own heart rate.

She tested it with a "field study" on a particularly cold evening for Florida (40F or 5C) and surveyed women in a part of town known for its nightlife.

The women were asked to rate their own "self-objectification" based on how much time they spent each day thinking about they looked versus how they felt.

It was also noted how much alcohol they had consumed and they were then asked how cold they felt.

Roxanne adds: "We then asked to take a full-body photo with their outfit and their face hidden so it was anonymous and so we could code for how much skin they had exposed."

The scientist claims women high in "self-objectification" didn't report feeling cold regardless of how much skin was exposed.

Her video was watched more than 90,000 times and people were not surprised by her findings.

One joked: "As an experienced self-objectifier I anecdotally support this hypothesis as well."

Someone else shared: "As someone who has lived in Iceland and Berlin, I can confirm, while every club has a cloakroom this still applies in colder climates."

"OK so this ain't me because I'm always cold and hungry and will make men feed me," commented someone else.

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