Cancer bride blasts wedding venue for making her pay THOUSANDS

Cancer bride blasts wedding venue for making her pay THOUSANDS

December 6, 2018

‘Greedy and heartless’: Cancer-stricken bride blasts wedding venue for making her pay THOUSANDS to move her wedding date in a scathing TripAdvisor post – as she had to travel to the US for treatment

  • Ellie Kirk left a scathing review of Washinborough Hall in Lincoln on TripAdvisor
  • Changed her October 2018 wedding date to December after cancer diagnosis
  • Asked to change again as she had to travel to US for treatment
  • Claims venue charged half original cost plus full payment for new date
  • Spokesperson said they asked for payment to secure date after second change 

A bride-to-be has blasted the hotel where she planned to hold her wedding for leaving her ‘thousands out of pocket’ because she had to change the date due to her treatment. 

Ellie Kirk took to TripAdvisor to leave a scathing review of Washinborough Hall in Lincoln, accusing the hotel of being ‘greedy and heartless’ and leaving her ‘thousands of pounds’ out of pocket for a wedding that didn’t happen. 

The bride-to-be had to change the date of her October 2018 wedding to December after being diagnosed with cancer. 

However, due to complications she had to travel to the US as there were no treatment options available to her in the UK, so she asked the venue to change the date again – with five months’ notice. 

Ellie claims that she was then told that she would have to pay 50 per cent of the cost, on top of her deposit, as a penalty for cancelling and then make a full payment again to secure the date she wanted. 

A spokesperson for Church Hill Hotels Ltd told MailOnline: ‘It is with great sadness to learn in the past few months of Ellie’s illness, and we understand these are exceptional circumstances.

‘This is why when we first learned of Ellie’s condition, we worked with the couple to move the booking for them the first time without any additional charge.

A bride has blasted Washingborough Hall Hotel in Lincoln, claiming the hotel left her thousands out of pocket when she moved her wedding date due to cancer treatment 

‘We have been mindful at every step, during booking and date changes, not to charge anything beyond standard rates. However, when they requested a move for the third time, we asked for payment to confirm the date.

‘Unfortunately, wedding cancellations are more frequent than people realise due to a wide range of unforeseen circumstances and that’s why family businesses like us, need to have terms and conditions.

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‘Because life doesn’t always go as planned, we always recommend comprehensive wedding insurance for any booking. We know that Ellie and Seth were insured, and we strongly recommend they should appeal their claim. If they need any supporting documentation, we would be more than happy to help them.

‘We are really sorry Ellie and Seth felt they needed to cancel their wedding. We would still love to welcome them and are very much open to working with them through this difficult time to give them their dream wedding.’

Ellie accused the venue of being ‘greedy and heartless’ for charging her to change her wedding date for the second time when she had to travel to the US for cancer treatment 

In Ellie’s post, she explained that she had booked her wedding at the 250-year-old Grade II listed, Georgian Manor House for a Saturday in October. 

The privately owned hotel boasts of its award-winning credentials and picturesque secluded grounds with a private entrance to the village church. 

It was voted Best Loved Hotels’ winner for the East of England 2017/18 and even has its own Director of Romance to help couple’s plan their big day.

After falling ill, Ellie changed the date to the only available slot on Tuesday 11th December, and was still expected to pay the full Saturday price. 

The general manager replied to Ellie’s TripAdvisor post, advising her to contact her insurers to make a claim for the costs accrued 

She added: ‘Further health complications arose, the NHS sent me to America for treatment. My condition cannot be treated in the UK.

‘This meant I would not only be in hospital on the day of the wedding, but also out of the country. We asked to change the date again (with over 5 months notice). 

‘Instead of showing compassion and understanding, they demanded 50 per cent of our original wedding day payment, in addition to the deposit we had already paid. 

‘And if we wanted to move the date we had to pay the whole thing again with paying 100% of the cost upfront (not their usual policy).

The award-winning venue boasts its own director of romance, and its own private entrance to the local church 

‘This was not covered by wedding insurance. which we had also paid for. 

She claimed that she wasn’t able to resolve the complaint because she was ignored by staff.  

‘The managers would not speak to me on the phone despite myself calling several times, I was told they were too busy,’ she explained. 

She added: ‘We urge anyone looking at this wedding venue to be cautious. 

‘In a time in our lives where our finances were already taking a massive hit due to myself having to leave my job and travel across the world for medical treatment and surgeries, Washingborough Hall continued to ask for more money for the wedding that we could not have.’

The general manager of the hotel responded to her post, claiming the hotel had not ignored her concerns, and advised her to contact her insurers. 




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