Business woman says meditation holidays keep her youthful

Business woman says meditation holidays keep her youthful

February 3, 2019

This is what 50 looks like: Business woman says meditation holidays and fitness classes keep her youthful

  • Alice Asquith lives in London, she is the founder of an ethical activewear brand 
  • She is single and says going on mediation holidays in a great way to meet friends
  • She uses class pass to go to the gym and does reformer pilates and aerobics 

Alice Asquith is single and lives in London. She is the founder of an ethical activewear brand, Asquith London.


I took up meditation in 2010 after my mum passed away. It helped me cope. At first, I tried Buddhist meditation, but the chanting wasn’t for me. Now, I prefer Vedic meditation. Jillian Lavender runs retreats in India and long weekends in the UK ( I’ve been on three; they’re an amazing way of making like-minded friends.

Alice Asquith, 50,  is single and lives in London she says going on mediation holidays and working out is the secret to her youthful looks


Every month, I buy a package of 12 exercise classes for £125, via ClassPass ( It means I can try anything, at any gym: from Eighties aerobics to Reformer Pilates and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). I love the variety and enjoy exercising in a group.


Before Christmas, I treated myself to a Charlotte Tilbury makeover at Fenwick. It took more than an hour, as the make-up artist used about 20 products! I don’t think my generation was ever taught how to apply make-up properly. We didn’t have online tutorials. It has helped to refresh my look at 50. I particularly love the Hollywood Flawless Filter (£30), which is a highlighter.

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Recently, I’ve had trouble sleeping, which I think has been triggered by hormonal changes. My doctor suggested HRT. But I prefer natural methods, so I went to The Organic Pharmacy which recommended Holy Basil B-Complex supplements (£49, to help balance mood and hormones. I take magnesium every night (£6.49,, for its calming effects. My sleep is much less broken and I feel happier.


I’m generally low-maintenance: I’ve never dyed my hair or had a manicure or pedicure. However, I do invest in my brows, with a waxing and tinting once a month (£20, 


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