Brits want ‘smaller boobs’ and celebs like Victoria Beckham ‘are to blame’

Brits want ‘smaller boobs’ and celebs like Victoria Beckham ‘are to blame’

August 5, 2022

British boobs are getting smaller as women shy away from hefty Pamela Anderson-style implants.

Instead they are choosing ‘bespoke’ smaller breasts that suit their body shapes, according to a leading plastic surgery group.

And requests for boob reduction ops are also on the rise.

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Transform Hospital Group blamed fashion icons like Victoria Beckham for the downfall of generous chests.

Christine Mozzamdar, Clinical Services Director, said: “The desire for breast enhancements has in no way disappeared – people just want implants that look shapely and in proportion.

“The look is still rounder and firmer, but more tailored to what the individual wants rather than what type of boob job everyone else is having.”

Victoria Beckham, 48, has admitted she regrets her eye-popping Spice Girls boob job – calling it a “sign of insecurity.”

The singer-turned-designer has since had her implants removed and now sports a more natural look.

Christine added: “In the early noughties, the desire for very voluptuous breasts really was at its most popular. Quite often people wanted the largest implants they could get for their frame.

“However, over the last few years, our patients have been requesting more subtle breast implants that can help them feel more confident without looking out of place.”

Transform reports seeing an increased number of patients who want their mega-implants removed. Around 36% now go for a smaller-than-average look, compared to just 29% in 2019.

Demand for breast reduction ops has also grown from 10% in 2021 to 12% in 2022.

And thanks to surgical advances like teardrop-shaped implants, the new designer boobs can be almost undetectable.

“Silicone implants are the most common type of implants used in the UK,” said Christine.

“They look and feel more natural and can enhance the look of the breast whilst being virtually undetectable.”

She added: “Our most important advice is to make sure you choose a responsible provider that puts patient safety first.”

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