Britain’s favourite ice lollies have been named, and people are outraged at the results

Britain’s favourite ice lollies have been named, and people are outraged at the results

August 9, 2020

A recent YouGov poll on the UK’s best ice lollies has caused much confusion and anger. Here’s what happened…

Ice lollies are one of the few heatwave saviours able to help us keep our cool right now. 

Sure, we can find an outdoor pool to plunge into. And putting that bottle of wine in an ice-cold bath before pouring a glass works a treat. You’ll also no-doubt be rotating your collection of maxi dresses to beat the heat in.

But nothing quite beats a juicy, sugary, dripping ice lolly – even if the joyously refreshing experience only lasts a few minutes. That’s why, earlier this summer, Stylist put together a ranking of the best ice lollies out there. 

When conducting her research, digital editor-at-large and self-proclaimed ice lolly expert, Kayleigh Dray, discovered people had very strong feelings about ice lollies. 

It was a tough job, but she found that the Twister topped the ice lolly ranking. Acknowledging “there is ice cream involved”, she confirmed that it still qualifies because it is 85% lolly, 25% cream.

However, the results of a new YouGov poll reports that the nation’s favourite ice lolly isn’t in fact a Twister – and the results have sparked outrage.

Asked to say what their favoured ice lolly is, 28% of Brits voted for the Magnum.  

They are more than three times as popular as their nearest rivals, joint second-place Fabs and Soleros, both of which are the favourites of 8% of Britons.

Twisters came in fourth place with 7%, and Feasts were voted fifth most popular with just 6%.

We know what a lot of you are thinking right now: “BUT A MAGNUM IS AN ICE CREAM!”

And you are not alone. People have taken to Twitter to share their confusion and anger over the results.

“At least two of these aren’t ice lollies and this is why I have trust issues,” tweeted food writer Jack Monroe.

“Magnum’s not a lolly. It’s a choc-ice. If you stuck a stick in a frozen apple, it would still be an apple. #TeamFab,” protested writer James O’Brien.

“It’s not an ice lolly if it has chocolate. Soleros are only just an ice lolly. Fight me,” wrote another lolly lover.

It’s worth pointing out that respondents answered in their own words, rather than choosing from a set of options provided by YouGov. 

Clearly the heat is getting to people’s heads, and they really need to cool off with a Calippo (which always gets my vote).

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