Brit Krokodil victim is being ‘eaten away from inside’ by deadly zombie drug

Brit Krokodil victim is being ‘eaten away from inside’ by deadly zombie drug

February 8, 2019

One of the first British victims of the zombie drug Krokodil says it feels like she is being eaten away from the inside by the horror subtance.

Emma Davies, 41, claims she accidentally injected herself with the drug – which has been dubbed one of the deadliest in the world.

The mum-of-three has warned others not to try the zombie drug which causes horrific open sores and rotting flesh which has been compared crocodile skin – hence the name.

Krokodil, which goes under the chemical name desomorphine, has already killed hundreds in Russia and Ukraine but there have been few cases reported in the UK.

The main ingredient of “cannibal drug” Krokodil is codeine but it is cut with gasoline, paint stripper and other toxic substances.

Emma told The Sun Online : “If you ask me it’s the gasoline that eats into your flesh.

“I was covered in burn marks, I hadn’t burned myself, they were coming from inside me.”

She added: "The only way it can be taken is by injecting. If someone offers you a drug that can only be taken that way stay well away.

Davies was unable to attend Cheltenham Magistrates Court last August because she had taken krokodil and was being treated in Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

She failed to attend court because “a rather unpleasant blood infection caused large ulcers on her arms”, the court heard.

The addict, of Tredworth, Gloucestershire, has now finally appeared in the court on Monday and admitted theft.

Her barrister Clare Buckley told the court of the defendant’s severe health issues using various Class A drugs.

The lawyer said after years of abuse she had two heart attacks last year, as well as a stroke, Hepatitis C and deep vein thrombosis.

She also has scarred lungs, an enlarged spleen and recently recovered from MRSA.

The barrister told the court: “She wants to move forward with her life. She wants a script [a prescription for rehabilitation].

“She is aware if she continues the way she is going she will meet an early demise, which would be very sad.”

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