Brit baffles Reddit users with ‘UK tapas’ serving Potato Smiles and curly fries

Brit baffles Reddit users with ‘UK tapas’ serving Potato Smiles and curly fries

May 24, 2022

British food comes with a lot of classics.

There's the humble fish and chips, a cheeky Full English breakfast, and of course, the delicious Sunday roast.

Nothing quite beats them right?

But one foodie has shared an image of a "UK tapas" – and Reddit users don't know what to think.

In the image, it features all our favourite childhood treats, like Potato Smiles and turkey dinosaurs.

There's even a bowl of spaghetti, curly fries, chicken nuggets and a dollop of nachos with melted cheese.

Next to the huge spread, there's a bottle of Heinz ketchup with garlic mayo and a sign that reads: "British tapas".

While most of us would be licking our lips at how nostalgic the feast was, others didn't know what to think.

The Reddit post racked up over 8,300 upvotes and around 600 comments.

One social media user said: "This is what Jamie Oliver secretly serves at kids' parties.

Another joked: "I can almost feel myself getting healthier by looking at it."

A third slammed: "We call this the Beige Buffet," while a fourth commented: "Poverty platter."

Meanwhile, other Reddit users were sold on the idea of the "British tapas", as one described it as a "golden dinner!"

A second Reddit user fan praised: "Winner winner," while a third joked: "This is an abomination. I love it."

And a fourth admitted: "This looks horrific and I want to sit and eat almost all of it."

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