Bridesmaid trends you’ll see in 2022 from Bridgerton-inspired styles to mismatch dresses

Bridesmaid trends you’ll see in 2022 from Bridgerton-inspired styles to mismatch dresses

March 22, 2022

Let’s be honest, shopping for bridesmaids dresses isn’t the easiest of tasks. You’ve got to consider your friends’ sizes, style and make sure the gowns you pick fit the colour scheme you’ve chosen for the big day – not to mention, trying to factor this all into your tight budget.

Whilst in the past, bridesmaids gowns were traditionally matching multiway gowns, and in recent years, more and more brides have opted for fashion-led styles, creating more options to help your bridal squad feel and look their best as they join you down the aisle.

From mix and match styles to whimsical prints, these days there’s a whole variety of stylish options that your gal-pals will love so much, they may actually wear it post-wedding.

So if you’re planning a shopping trip and you want to make it a successful one, see our below trends forecast for this year’s biggest bridesmaids trends to keep everyone happy.

Mix not match

Whilst opting for matching bridesmaid dresses does create a picture-perfect, cohesive look, unless you find a style to suit everyone’s figure, personality and taste, someone in the bridal party is usually left feeling unhappy with the way they look – even if they claim otherwise.

To highlight each individual woman, consider mismatching your bridesmaids’ gowns whilst following a common theme. This trend has risen in popularity in recent years and can be done by picking the same dress in different colours, picking the colour but different dresses, or, if you’re feeling creative, a mix of styles in the same colour family – for example, by combining blush pink, red and burgundy.

If you’ve found a silhouette that everyone loves but you’d like to mix up the colours, just make sure the shades compliment each other. This is a great option for those looking to brighten up their big day – and your friends’ personalities will shine through.

If you’d like to keep some sort of unison, opting for the same colour in different styles is the perfect option. This allows your friends to pick a dress that compliments their figure and own personal taste, whilst also sticking with your colour scheme.

For those looking for a mix of styles in the same colour family, it’s all about the planning. To make sure the colours work together, order fabric samples, lay them out and switch out the options until you’re happy with the overall combo.

Luxe fabrics

Luxe fabrics are going to be huge for 2022. If your budget is low, or you’ve picked more bridesmaids than you can afford to dress, don’t fret. These days you can get the expensive look for less by picking the right fabrics. To do this, opt for chic, satin styles for the warmer months – maxi slip dresses with dainty spaghetti straps and bias-cut skirts are great for this.

For those getting hitched from October through to January, consider velvet, jewel-toned styles with long sleeves and luxe button detailing – this will instantly make your bridesmaids dresses look like they cost way more than you paid for them.

Bridgerton-inspired styles

With Netflix’s hit series Bridgerton returning for series two, we’re expecting to see more and more brides opt for bridesmaids dresses inspired by the show. Not only will the light blue hue associated with the regency era – and Daphne’s iconic wardrobe, shine through in the bridal party line-up but you’ll be sure to see puff-sleeves, empire waistlines and plenty of ruffles at this year’s nuptials.

Prints and patterns

To let your bridesmaids’ personalities shine bright on the big day, opt for bold, stand-out prints. There’s tons of options in stores right now, from whimsical, floral patterns perfect for tying the knot in a forest or garden to loud, tropical-inspired prints ideal for a destination wedding on the beach. Either clash patterns for a bold statement, or match patterns with different dress styles to keep everyone happy.

Black dresses

No really, this year it’s all about making a statement and what better way to do so than to opt for a colour your guests won’t expect. Whilst most people frown upon wearing black to a wedding, it’s actually a great choice for those opting for a glamorous black-tie wedding with a monochrome colour scheme. Not to mention, your bridesmaids can rewear their gowns for another occasion – sustainability for the win!

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