Bride loses all her wedding photos after her photographer’s robbed

Bride loses all her wedding photos after her photographer’s robbed

January 15, 2019

Distraught bride who has lost all her professional wedding snaps after her photographer was robbed appeals to ‘heartless’ thieves to return the memory card

  • Jade Metherell, 30, married her fiancé Eddie Simpson, 36, in North Yorkshire 
  • They had a rustic theme with family attending from the Philippines and Canada
  • Their friend, Hugh Lloyd, a photographer, captured the photos of the big day 
  • Soon after, he was robbed with thieves taking the memory card full of pictures

A distraught bride is calling for help after her wedding photographer was mugged causing her to lose all of the professional photos from her big day.

Jade Metherell, 30, married her fiancé Eddie Simpson, 36, in a rustic ceremony in North Yorkshire which saw the couple’s families flying in from the Far East and Canada to see the loved up pair tie the knot. 

Hugh Lloyd, a family friend of the Simpsons and a professional photographer took the pictures on the day.

However, following the ceremony Hugh flew to Rome and while at the airport was mugged – with thieves stealing his cameras and memory cards, which still contained the wedding snaps.

The couple are now putting together a collection of photos that were taken by friends and families on the day – but are holding onto hope they might get the majority of their photos back.     

Jade Metherell, 30, married her fiancé Eddie Simpson, 36, in an idyllic rustic ceremony in North Yorkshire but disaster hit when all their professional photos were lost (pictured in a photo taken by a friend)

In an emotional plea on Facebook Hugh asked friends and family if they could help

Jade, who works in the nuclear industry, told Femail: ‘I know in this day and age we can take photos whenever we want, but it’s these photos that we rely on to frame in our home and show to family and friends.

In the hope that the thieves operating in Rome might return the photos, Jade and Hugh have put a plea out on social media, hoping the message which reach Italy.    

Jade added: ‘Hugh took photos throughout the ceremony, drinks reception, outside photos, speeches, wedding breakfast and first dance.

‘It was a solid 15 hours before he eventually put the camera down and finally got a drink! 

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‘He has known Eddie for over 10 years and he has captured a lot of our moments together as a couple. So we were very much looking forward to Hugh’s photos of our day. 

‘He put a lot of time and effort for our special day and it was a pleasure to say that our photographer is also a great friend of ours.’

The photos were particularly special to the couple, who live in Lytham St Anne’s, Lancashire, as Eddie’s mother couldn’t attend the big day, and both the bride and groom had family travelling in from abroad.

The couple’s ceremony was less than a year after Eddie proposed – so his sick father was able to attend the nuptials.

Jade added to Femail: ‘Truth said, with my organising skills and forward planning we had actually booked the wedding the month before any proposal – it was my way in for a wedding!

Jade and Eddie modelled their cake after their beloved Volkswagen Campervan, which they often take up to North Yorkshire to explore the countryside

‘Eddie had always joked that he would propose on the actual wedding day! Fortunately he proposed a month later.

She added: ‘However our main purpose for holding the wedding so soon after the proposal was so that Eddie’s father could attend.

‘He’s now 82 and already suffered six strokes. Unfortunately his mother couldn’t attend at all as she is suffering from dementia and needs 24 hour care. 

‘She is 78 and currently resides in a care home down in Suffolk. So this was our time to hold a celebration with as many loved ones around. 

‘Having the wedding in North Yorkshire was also special to Eddie as that is where he grew up holidaying with his parents and his mother was very fond of the place.

Jade and Eddie are desperate to locate their wedding photos, although they admit it’s a ‘long shot’

Eddie, who now works in the renewable energy industry, met Jade at work more than seven years ago. 

The North Yorkshire destination was important for the outdoorsy couple, who often go camping there and modelled their wedding cake after their beloved Volkswagen Camper Van.      

Jade said: ‘We always do the coastal walk from Robin Hood’s Bay to Ravenscar and it is here where we go married at Raven Hall Country Hotel.

‘Over the years when we spoke about getting married we always thought of this particular area and with the hotel being right on the coast over looking the sea, it was a perfect spot for us. It is also here where Eddie proposed.  

‘So the wedding itself was a big event as we had actually spent a full week up there. 

‘My mother is from the Philippines so I had quite a few members of my family flying over from the Far East for this special day. Some were their first time here in England. 

‘Also, Eddie’s brother now lives in Canada with his Canadian wife and two children so we also had family members flying from the west! 

‘In total we had 86 guests attending from UK, Philippines, Canada and California.

Hugh also said he was distraught after he lost the photos.

Jade said: ‘When Hugh had rang to say his camera had been stolen along with our photographs of the wedding, we were devastated that someone could be so heartless to steal a camera. 

‘He got tricked by a passerby asking for directions and then another person came by and took the camera bag while he was distracted. 

‘Hugh has quite a dry sense of humour so when he did ring to say what had happened I wasn’t sure whether he was joking around. I didn’t think something like this would happen to any bride post wedding so it was very much of a shock.’

The couple met seven years ago when they were both working in the energy industry 

Jade added: ‘As it was such a lovely week in Yorkshire with the family and then the wedding, we are trying to stay positive and ensure that this incident does not cloud our wonderful memories of the big day. 

‘I had decided to post our story on social media so that if this ever gets across to Italy then maybe somewhere, someone can kindly give us back the memory cards. 

‘It could be a long shot and most likely deleted. But also a message to any future brides and grooms and photographers. 

‘To ensure that the photos are downloaded straight away and the memory cards kept separated from the camera during transportation.’

Jade said she didn’t want the ‘wonderful’ memories of her big day to be ‘ruined’ but hopes someone in Italy might be able to find the cards

In an emotional plea on Facebook, Hugh wrote: ‘Today [January 9] the worst thing ever to happen to a photographer happened to me. At Rome Ciampino airport I had all my cameras and lenses stolen.

‘In my camera bag we’re all the memory cards for the cameras and on two of them where all the pictures from a friends wedding I shot last week.

‘If anyone at Eddie and Jade’s wedding can contact me to give me pictures so I can put together an album for them, I would very much appreciate it.’ 

He added: ‘A statement was made but it sounded like the Italian officials appeared to not show much interest. 

Jade also said she was hoping the message might reach Italy.

‘Cameras can be replaced but photographs especially on your special day is priceless and all our memories captured are now lost.

‘If this story reaches Italy, maybe the “thieves” could at least drop the memory cards and USB sticks somewhere? It’s a long shot but maybe worth a try.’ 

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