Bridal Bliss: Erica And Kaalen's New Jersey Nuptials Were Nothing Short Of Magical

Bridal Bliss: Erica And Kaalen's New Jersey Nuptials Were Nothing Short Of Magical

March 31, 2022

Before Erica even met Kaalen, he’d already made a big impression on her.

When they were both students at West Virginia University, they were residing in the same apartment complex. One day, Kaalen and his then-roomate posted fliers around the building inviting everyone (hundreds of people) to a party in their two-bedroom apartment. It was such a crazy idea, Erica had to learn more about the hosts. After they left their Twitter handles on the fliers, she decided to follow Kaalen and was surprised to find that he followed her back almost immediately. From there, she liked what she saw.

“He was absolutely hilarious and became known around campus as ‘the friendly Black guy’” she tells ESSENCE. When she finally had the chance to meet him in person, recognizing him at a club they both were patronizing long after they’d been Twitter friends, she decided to make a move to introduce herself. It’s now one of the best decisions she’s ever made.

“I told him how much I enjoyed following him and we have not stopped talking since!” she says.

The two would fall in love, dating for years before he surprised her with a proposal. Kaalen popped the question in August 2020, not during a fancy dinner date with all eyes on them, or on a special holiday with family and friends. Instead, he opted to get down on one knee when she’d truly least expect it: a day they set aside to deep clean and organize their home (more on that later!). After a longer engagement due to the COVID pandemic and their own desire to not rush down the aisle, the two became Mr. and Mrs. Jackson, tying the knot in a grand celebration in New Jersey on March 4, 2022 at the stunning Estate at Florentine Gardens. Learn more about their love story and see the photos from their unforgettable wedding in this week’s Bridal Bliss.


Venue – The Estate at Florentine Gardens

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