Bikini model flaunts bum as she fumes ‘having cellulite doesn’t mean you’re fat’

Bikini model flaunts bum as she fumes ‘having cellulite doesn’t mean you’re fat’

July 20, 2022

Bikini model and designer Karina Irby has taken to her Instagram to fume: "Having cellulite doesn't make you fat".

The Moana Swim CEO, who boasts 1.2million followers on Instagram, made the statement in response to people who are 'concerned about her weight'.

Karina, from Australia, was seen showing off her curvy rear in one of her swimsuit designs as she hit back at haters.

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Sharing a caption over the photo, the body positive star wrote: "Thank you so much for being concerned about my weight, I'll response later after I finish my double cheeseburger."

She then continued: "You CAN have a few extra kilos and not be over weight and unhealthy.

"You DON’T just have to eat fruit and vegetables to be classified as healthy.

"Having curves and cellulite does NOT make you fat.

"Everything in moderation.

"And screw people's opinions of your physical appearance from seeing just a tiny peep at your life on Instagram. Like they know anything. End."

Fans were loving her sassy statement and photo, with it racking up more than 6,000 likes.

"Cheers to cheeseburgers," exclaimed one, as another told her: "Love it doll."

A third chimed in: "Whatever you’re doing, it’s working, keep it up! NEVER STOP BEING YOU!"

While a fourth told her: "I am in love with your confidence."

Karina is known for her body confidence posts – previously revealing what she looks like unfiltered as she showed off her 'real' tummy.

However, she did face backlash recently as she posed about her weight loss transformation.

Karina was seen posing completely naked last month as she showed off her 7-week weight loss transformation online.

She said she toned up as she was 'mentally struggling with her body image and energy levels'.

However, some fans branded her post 'harmful' and said they felt 'let down' by the post.

Karina responded by telling fans: "Everybody deserves to want to move their bodies and not be shamed for that.

“Am I only allowed to make and post content when I’m not feeling good about my body?"

She added: “Body Positivity is about LOVING YOUR BODY AT ALL STAGES.

“Loving your body as whole, not a certain size. And loving for what it's capable of, how it feels, not just focusing on how it looks."


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