Big Brother Blowout: Shocking Double Eviction as Both Eliminated Houseguests Storm Out

Big Brother Blowout: Shocking Double Eviction as Both Eliminated Houseguests Storm Out

September 9, 2022

Plus, we check in on Kyle as he enters the Jury House and has to reveal the racist thought processes that got him evicted to Joseph, Jasmine and Indy.

What an ugly night. Clearly, the allure of that $750,000 prize coming in just a few short weeks has everybody revealing their worst sides as they fight and scramble to be there at the end on “Big Brother.”

With the decision this season to make the annual double-eviction night (baby!) a two-hour show, Julie Chen and producers were actually able to surprise the Houseguests that this was a double.

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Usually, they pack a whole week of “Big Brother” into one hour, so when Julie crops up at the top of the show for the eviction, the Houseguests know what’s up. This time, though, the episode played out like normal, so they had no idea a second hour and eviction was looming.

That was a fun moment, as was our opportunity to learn a little more about Turner’s unique turns of phrase and the terminology he uses liberally throughout the House to rank things from “bussin” to “disgussin.” That’s just “facts.”

Unfortunately, those were about the only light and fun moments on the whole night, as this was an incredibly tense and ultimately ugly night of competition. And it all started with Michael in total power and Alyssa and Terrance on the Block.

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First Eviction

Terrance was the clear target to most people in the House, considering he’d actually won competitions. At the same time, both he and Alyssa were seen as someone you could go to the end with as they’ve neither done all that much in the game.

Terrance’s argument — which is an echo of efforts to get Alyssa out when The Leftovers were still a thing — is that she has stronger connections and friendships on the Jury, so she could pull some votes.

He’s right in thinking that he doesn’t really have anyone pulling for him that’s over there just yet. It’s not a great statement for your game if your argument is that you’re so ineffective in the game that it’d be easier to win — but we’ve seen that strategy work. Could he convince a Jury to give him the money against anyone else? Probably not.

Terrance tried to push the angle to Taylor and Monte that it would be great for a Black Houseguest to win in back-to-back seasons, with Taylor’s response (in the Diary Room) that she agreed and was willing to be that Black Houseguest who wins for the both of them!

Ultimately, it didn’t work at all. It was a unanimous vote to evict Terrance. He made a strong speech trying to convince them to stop playing a herd game, but he wasn’t aware of all of the scheming that was going on because the House was already looking ahead to a House without him.

After the vote, Terrance shouted, “Y’all know I gotta do a Daniel,” and left before anyone could give him a hug. And that was the nicer of tonight’s exits!

He told Julie it was in part to honor his friend, the extremely problematic Daniel who was evicted earlier in the season, and in part because he was admittedly salty that they took him out over a legitimate social game threat in Alyssa.

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At this point in the game, no allegiance means much of anything — as we’ll soon see. The money is just too tempting, so people are scrambling to find as many paths to the end as possible.

Before Terrance was even evicted, Alyssa pitched an all-girls alliance to Brittany and Taylor, which was a pretty bold move knowing that after Terrance’s eviction, it would be three guys left and three gals.

What she didn’t know is that at the same time, Turner and Monte had come to the conclusion that it might be better to pitch an all-guys alliance to Michael, just in case the girls get into power. If he does get evicted, they become the biggest threats and targets in the House.

Plus, if Michael rises to power again after this next HOH, they’re probably the two he’d take the first shots at. Michael, knowing how big the target on his back is, obviously took them up on the offer — again, whether or not he meant it was subject to who gains power when.

All alliances are “what if” scenarios to cover your bases. Depending on who is in power, the alliance set up for that eventuality becomes more real and the others become another lie you told to move one step toward the end.

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What Alyssa also didn’t know after she made that all-girls alliance was that Brittany ran and told Turner that she’d been pitched an all-girls alliance. This was part of why the all-guys alliance was formed, and it definitely made the guys nervous moving forward.

But based on comp wins thus far this season, they felt confident that they could control the rest of this season over the women just by dominating HOH competitions.

It’s an interesting ploy Brittany is trying here. She’s admitted in the Diary Room that she has to start planning a post-Michael game because it certainly seemed that the moment he was vulnerable, the House would take him out. She, of course, didn’t know about the all-guys chatter.

But she then ran and told Michael last time about Turner and Monte possibly working together, and tonight she ran and told Turner about the girls possibly working together. From the outside, it looks like a messy game as she’s blabbing a lot of information to a lot of people. If that gets out too much, it could blow up her game and leave no one willing to trust her.

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Head of Household

Always the most unpredictable and wild “week” of “Big Brother,” double eviction (baby!) started with a laser-themed Head of Household competition. It was all about remembering color patterns and then answering specific questions like which color came second, which appeared only once, and the like.

It’s not at all an easy comp to master, which is why it was pretty impressive to watch both Monte and Turner look like they were running away with it by getting the first five of seven questions right.

At that point, Alyssa was already statistically eliminated, but with Brittany and Taylor only two points behind them, a four-way tie was still possible. With the sixth question, they moved within one point as all the ladies got it right, and the guys got it wrong.

In the final round, Brittany got the answer right, which could have forced a tie for the end. Monte got it wrong, landing in a tie with her, but on a blind guess, Turner pulled out the victory, and his third HOH of the season.

He’d just struck a new alliance deal with Michael and Monte to take out the women, so would he honor that or try and take the shot at the season’s biggest comp and victory threat, Michael?

With very little time to scramble or strategize, Turner put Alyssa right back on the Block, this time sitting next to Brittany. It certainly created the opportunity to still backdoor Michael, depending on how Veto played out.

Honestly, it looked like Turner was covering his bases to us. If Michael were to win Veto and save Brittany, that would be Michael looking true to his alliance with Brittany and Turner could look true to his alliance with Michael. So what was the truth? Without Diary Room sessions to illuminate us, all we had was speculation.

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Power of Veto

This Power of Veto competition reminded us of something “Survivor” likes to do, with the Houseguests tethered to a long “amp cord” that was twisted over, under and around an amp stand. They needed to throw themselves around the stand to free enough rope to reach across the yard and plug in.

That meant it was not just about untangling the rope, but knowing when to take that shot to run across the yard and try to plug in. If you untangle more than necessary, you could be wasting time, but if you run before you have enough, that’s also a waste of time.

It was a pretty even matchup through most of it, with Taylor, Turner, Monte and Michael all in about the same spot each time they tried to make a run for it. In the end, though, after a delayed response from “Big Brother,” Monte pulled out the clutch victory.

But was it a victory for the new guys alliance, or something else?

The cameras stayed with the Houseguests for a few moments as Alyssa went in to talk to Monte. He immediately told her he was going to us the Veto on her, indicating it was time to take the shot at Michael.

Honestly, even though he’d said earlier it might be too soon to take that shot, this may be the only chance they get the rest of the season. He’s vulnerable for the first time in a long time, so why wouldn’t you take that shot?

Turner came in next and Monte told him it was time to take the shot, but Turner was nervous and asked Monte to make sure the House would follow through, otherwise Michael would take him out first and next. So it looked like Michael was doomed.

At the Veto Ceremony, Turner heaped love and praise on Michael as the only other LGBTQIA+ representative in the House, aside from Turner himself, but said he had to “open up first” for the other Houseguests by nominating him.

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Ugly Before Eviction

When we came back from commercial break, Michael was clearly deep into a rant about being nominated for eviction. It probably wasn’t necessarily intended to make air, but we heard Michael shout, “I would never take out the LGBT person,” accusing Turner of using that for “manipulation.”

He says that, but he had fully intended to take Turner out this week had he not made the post-Kyle promise that he wouldn’t take the shot at Turner if Turner put Kyle up so the House could evict him after his problematic racist thought processes were revealed.

So it’s a bit of hypocrisy couched in anger, but that’s also nothing new for “Big Brother.” As a lawyer, Michael knows how to make an argument, and this was part of it, though we’re not sure at this point if he thought it could save his game.

And he wasn’t done yet. Brittany’s Save-Me Speech was about how hard this was. She didn’t say anything about Michael, but did pitch herself as a possible asset to the other Houseguests’ games moving forward.

Michael, on the other hand, must have figured Terrance was already behind the wheel of his bus again, because he threw Brittany under it hard. We get that this is a game, but there is a social aspect to it, too. Just as Paul Abrahimian how throwing “friendship” out the window works out in the long run?

Obviously, Brittany had been sharing most of her conversations with Michael, so he decided to out that she’d made final two and three deals with everyone left in the house. Again, he was doing the same thing, setting up multiple avenues to the end — it’s the game.

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He also told Alyssa and Taylor that voting him out would go on Monte and Turner’s resumes and not theirs, so their best bet was to keep him so he could get the other guys out. “You need me,” he told them multiple times.

Clearly they disagreed as they voted him out unanimously. Now, we can understand an aggressive Save-Me Speech or even ugly scrambling, but it is totally unnecessary to storm out of the House like a petulant child when you’re evicted.

He told them to not get up because he had one thing to say, and then saying nothing, he darted out the door. What kind of childish, ridiculous display was that? And then to turn around and tell Julie they absolutely made the right decision evicting him — they did — makes it even more preplexing.

If you are a student of the game and love the game and respect it and even agree with the move they made, why such a salty exit? Was that performative or sincere? If it was performative, what was the message of it supposed to be?

With Michael’s eviction, though, that opens up the game for the other Houseguests, with this next HOH being more critical than ever. Could the girls actually team up against the boys? Right now, the only alliance that seems legitimate and tight is between Monte and Turner, so it’ll be interesting to see what’s real and what’s not outside of that.

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Meanwhile — Kyle Gets to Jury

While all hell was breaking loose and things were getting ugly, Kyle was on his way to a Jury House filled with three minorities where he was going to have to explain why he got evicted — and face Joseph, who’s game he destroyed in Dyre Fest to further his own.

Joseph told Indy and Jasmine that his dream was for Kyle to come to Jury next, but he wanted him to come because his betrayal of Joseph failed and the rest of the House turned on him.

They did, but more because he baselessly speculated about a Cookout 2.0 minority alliance forming with no evidence other than the fact that there were minorities in the House.

Kyle immediately owned up to his own responsibility in it, but we found it interesting that Joseph — and then Jasmine — immediately found themselves also questioning the timeline of Michael and Brittany coming forward with this information.

It’s the fact that they sat on it for two weeks and only exposed Kyle’s racist thought processes to strengthen their own that didn’t sit well with Terrance, Monte or Turner, either.

Kyle tried to deflect from that a bit, saying he needs to own his role. That’s true, but so do they, as the others pointed out. They heard him say these things and continued to work with him and protect him and not push back (in her defense, Brittany did push back).

With Michael now out of the game, the chances of this becoming a factor in the final vote of the season are vastly reduced — though it could hurt Brittany still if she gets there — but it will definitely still be a factor in Jury House as Terrance and Michael are both headed there where they can all hash it out.

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Houseguest Report Cards

Taylor Hale (27) might just be in the best position in the House right now. If the girls rise to power, there’s a good chance they’ll take a shot at the boys simply because they are bigger competition threats — Girls GIrls alliance or not. And if the guys rise to power, she might be lowest on their priority list among the women (we’re assuming the guys would protect one another, which would be smart at this stage). Grade: B-

Monte Taylor (27) is one of the biggest targets in the House, but he’s also going to have a strong shot at pulling off the next Head of Household competition as he’s got more wins than any of his competitors. That said, this next HOH will dictate a lot of what happens moving forward, so his position could fall precipitiously. Grade: B-

Matt “Turner” Turner (23) is vulnerable coming out of this rapid-fire HOH, and now he’s got the most comp wins and he’s never been on the Block. That makes him probably the biggest target in the House right now. And probably Monte is the only one who would make an effort to protect him this week. Grade: C+

Brittany Hoopes (32) is suddenly a lot more attractive a person to keep in the House with Michael out of it. He threw her under the bus hard, so she’s a bit of a mess right now emotionally, but she’s also untethered, And with her entire game tied to his, it’s going to be hard for her to convince a Jury she did more on her own than anyone else left in this game. Grade: C

Alyssa Snider (24) is seen as a huge social game threat. She’s won absolutely nothing all summer long, which would make for a compelling enough argument at the end that she used her social game to get there. She’s also someone people might want to take to the end, thinking they could beat her, but we think they’re more worried about her than that. Grade: C-

Michael Bruner (28) was either going to win his way to the end and win the whole season, or he was going to get evicted. The best time to take out a massive comp beast and threat like him is during a double eviction where he doesn’t have time to use his oratory and social and manipulative skills to save himself. Tied for the most comp wins and taking over most Veto wins cements his standing in “BB” history, but also meant they had to take this shot. Grade: F

Terrance Higgins (47) tried to blow up the House and push players to play for themselves — an echo of Daniels speech — without knowing that they definitely are. There is so much more going on in this game than he ever saw. He was salty in his exit, but he never really made as much of an impact in the game as he’d have liked (even Kyle dictated his week of power at Dyre Fest). Grade: F

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Jury Chatter

  • “I really hope when the game is over, I don’t ever have to see her face again in my entire life.” –Indy (about Brittany)
  • “And that’s when I knew I was on the Block and possibly going home.” –Jasmine (about Michael’s selections for BroChella)
  • “I knew I was going home with that selection. When I knew the showmance was coming my way, I was like, oh they’re coming my way and I’m going out that door.” –Joseph
  • “Jas, sorry, but seeing you here, I have to say Terrance made the right decision because I’m rooting for BroChella now.” –Joseph
  • “One tough living situation to another.” –Joseph
  • “Don’t say that!” –Indy
  • “Two women!” –Jasmine
  • “I think Taylor is in the best position. I just have a good feeling that she is literally going to make it to the end.” –Jasmine
  • “I hope it’s Kyle. I really hope it’s Kyle. Because if it’s Kyle, that means whatever game or lie he tried to tell going back into the House didn’t work and my people sent him packing. I hope they did.” –Joseph
  • “What happened to going to war?” –Joseph (to Kyle)
  • “Didn’t work out.” –Kyle
  • “There was a situation where I made some unfavorable comments to Michael and they involved race, which should never have entered the House. I had the initial thought that there was an alliance that included Jasmine, Monte, you, Indy and Terrance.” –Kyle
  • “These comments were extremely wrong, I thought that Taylor might join that alliance down the road and I compared it to The Cookout in the sense that–” –Kyle
  • “–the minorities were getting together?” –Joseph
  • “That was my fear, and that was my statement and comment. I understand your distrust and hate for me; I just want to be as transparent as possible.” –Kyle
  • “It really is hurtful because the whole game, I told you, ‘Oh my god, we have so much in common, so much in common.’ And now it really hurts because I can say we absolutely don’t because I just would never.” –Jasmine
  • “If it means anything to you, I can’t understand you made an alliance based on race but when me and you were put in the yard, the minority Arab kid was doing everything he could to protect you.” –Joseph
  • “That’s not okay, that’s not okay. We came this far. We have the freaking internet, like, educate yourself. I’m sorry, I am sorry, can I have– I need a break.” –Indy (walking away)
  • “So, is that why you’re here?” –Joseph
  • “Michael used that.” –Jasmine
  • “Michael used that against you? … Why did it come up now? What was convenient about it now?” –Joseph
  • “That was a concern that Monte, Terrance and Turner brought up to them.” –Kyle
  • “I have an issue with the person who said it and anyone who hears this and doesn’t push back.” –Joseph
  • “Because if you’re in the room when things happen and you don’t stand up for people, that means you’re just as much a part of it.” –Jasmine
  • “I really appreciate you saying sorry. Let’s learn the lesson and move on.” –Indy (to Kyle)

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House Chatter

  • “I’ve been telling Michael that he needed to use this week to take out a big competitive threat. I know he thinks that that’s gonna make him a target next week, but it’s like, everyone is against you, dude. Like, everyone.” –Brittany (in Diary Room after Veto meeting)
  • “If I’m lucky enough to stay this week, I want to give you my loyalty. Three women have never made it to Final 3, I don’t think, ever. There’s only been like maybe four or five women that have ever won in 20 years, maybe less.” –Alyssa (to Brittany and Taylor)
  • “At this point, Michael is just one lost Veto from heading to Jury, so I need to do what I can to set myself up and have strong relationships and trust. Maybe, maybe, just maybe, Girls GIrls’ true timing could be here at the end.” –Brittany (in DR)
  • “Channel my inner Taylor and just be chill.” –Alyssa (to Taylor about being nominated)
  • “I’m not letting you Pooch yourself, like, it’s not happening.” –Taylor (to Alyssa)
  • “You’ve been up there four times? So you’ve had to pack your suitcase four times? Holy cow! Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry.” –Alyssa (to Taylor … uh, where you been, girl?)
  • “With everything that’s been going on these couple of weeks, I would love a person of color to win this game. If it can’t be me, I would definitely give a vote to Taylor or Monte.” –Terrance (in DR)
  • “Even though we were all pitted against each other and we didn’t have that mentality, it’s like, why couldn’t we win it twice? Why couldn’t we win it back-to-back, add to the numbers that we don’t have in the history of this game.” –Terrance (to Taylor)
  • “There is one thing we have in common. It would be great to see another person of color win this game. Don’t worry, Terrance, I’ll win it for both of us.” –Taylor (in DR)
  • “We have to be counting potential Jury votes. I’m counting at least three potential votes for Alyssa right now. But just as important are the moves that I have to make to get to Final 2. So does Terrance really give me the best option to make it to Final 2?” –Monte (in DR)
  • “If me or you were sitting next to T[errance], I think we would have a pretty good chance of winning versus Alyssa. Alyssa’s the only one who acts like she doesn’t know anything. And to me, that’s a sign of somebody who’s playing a very great social game.” –Monte (to Taylor)
  • “It’s the same pitch he’s giving everybody — I don’t trust a damn thing he says.” –Taylor
  • “I have what may be the craziest plan you’ve ever heard. Last night, Brittany comes out of the DR, she goes we have to talk. She’s like, Alyssa and Taylor are trying to do a Final 3 with the girls.” –Turner (about Brittany telling him Alyssa wants to work with people with “similar characteristics”)
  • “If Monte or I take [Michael] out, why wouldn’t we be right behind him?” –Tuner (in DR, worried about girls alliance)
  • “If me and you and Michael just flip every HOH for the rest of the season … and get to the Final 3. I think that’s the best way to get to the Final 3.” –Turner (to Monte)
  • “It really doesn’t make sense to take Michael out so early because that makes us more vulnerable and makes us the biggest targets in the House.” –Monte (in DR about him and Turner)
  • “Between the three of them, they have one HOH and that’s Taylor’s.” –Michael (to Monte and Turner about girls alliance)
  • “Who does everyone in ‘BB24’ Top 7 think is lying about their job?” –Taylor (while filming to other Houseguests)
  • “Who sparked this conversation and is hiding behind the camera.” –Michael (hiding his true profession as a lawyer)
  • “You guys saw the picture of me at Miss USA.” –Taylor
  • “That doesn’t mean nothing. Anybody can buy a sash and put Michigan on it.” –Terrance
  • “Michael, I think you are a sharp man. Working in an escape room, I just can’t imagine. I think there’s more to you than that.” –Monte (hiding his mechanical engineering degree)
  • “I can’t wait to see what everyone is lying about.” –Taylor
  • “I’ve entertained a lot of lies this week, blatantly in front of me, so I want you guys to entertain the truth. When I go back to Jury, it’s gonna be a lot of onion peeled back there. So every decision you make right now is going to reflect on the Jury right now. So you can’t play this herd game, it’s not gonna work. There’s no way to get to the end of the game that way. You gotta have courage and you can’t live in fear.” –Terrance (save-me speech)
  • “Y’all know I gotta do a Daniel.” –Terrance (hugging no one as he walks out the door)
  • “We still got six people left in the House, so you know what that means?” –Julie (to Terrance about how little time there is left this season)
  • “There should be a double eviction.” –Terrance
  • “Well, how about we do it tonight.” –Julie
  • “It would be so fitting and it would make my heart peaceful if Taylor follows me.” –Terrance
  • “You got me?” –Alyssa (to Monte after his Veto win)
  • “You’re coming down, girl. You’re coming down. You’re coming down, we gotta make the move. Keep it to yourself, alright. Michael this week.” –Monte
  • “Please make sure everyone’s down. ‘Cause he’s gonna take me out next week, otherwise.” –Turner (to Monte about Michael)
  • “He’s going home this week.” –Monte
  • “You are safe with me if you don’t do this. Please.” –Michael (before Turner names replacement nominee)
  • “To anyone who this effects, I’m very sorry. I have to open up first place. Michael, I love you, dude. You’re the only LGBTQ memeber in this House alongside me. I love you, but I’m so sorry, I have to open up first place.” –Turner
  • “Oh god, this is the hardest thing I’ll ever have to do. Please, I feel really at a loss right now. I think I could be a tremendous asset to you guys’ game if I stay in this House, and I just hope that I get the chance to do so.” –Brittany
  • “Alyssa, Taylor, this move to take me out is Monte and Turner’s move. This is going on their resume. Even if you are votes, the Jury will not see this as your moves. Take that away from them, keep me in the House so I can put them on the Block. Taylor, I have never put you on the Block. Alyssa, I know after The Leftovers blew up you were at the bottom of this House. You need me. Brittany leaked a lot of information this week, everybody knows it, about a final two with you, a final two with you, a final three with you. She has said a lot to a lot of people. I have played this game with a lot of my cards close to my chest because I stick my neck out for the people that I care about. I will stick my neck out for you, I will stick my neck out for you. You are two votes. Turner can’t play in the next HOH. It can be three on one and we can take this thing to the end. Please take this opportunity to make this move for yourselves. Do not give them something to put on their resume to keep on winning comps, because they are taking me out as a comp threat. They see you as a Jury threat, they see you as a Jury threat. You are the next two to go, they will take Brittany. Please keep me in this game. You need me. I will come after them.” –Michael (throwing Brittany under the bus to Alyssa and Taylor)
  • “Everyone please stay seated. I have one thing I would like to say.” –Michael (before storming out of the House and saying nothing)
  • “I feel so bad, I love Brittany, but I had to do it. I would have regretted it if I didn’t try.” –Michael (to Julie)
  • “For those who voted, did they make the right choice?” –Julie
  • “Oh absolutely. They should have voted me out tonight.” –Michael
  • “I feel stupid. Well, good to know. I would have just been a cog anyway, so it doesn’t matter.” –Brittany (about Michaels remarks to remaining HGs)

“Big Brother” airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET and Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. This week’s Sunday episode will start at approximately 8:30 p.m. ET after NFL football.

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