Best Wardrobes 2019 | The Sun UK

Best Wardrobes 2019 | The Sun UK

November 15, 2019

A WARDROBE is likely to be the biggest item of furniture in your bedroom, your bed aside, so it makes sense to get the best you can.

But this means different things to different people – some may want a simple, spacious design that has oodles of hanging room, while others may want built-in drawers or shelves for shoes, accessories or space for folded items.

To determine what you need, look at your existing wardrobe and what you would change about it – does it have drawers that you barely used?

Is it too small? Once you’ve identified what you need more of and what you can do without, it’s time to think about size.

The first thing you need to do is be honest about how much stuff you have.

Yes, we’d all love a capsule wardrobe in an ideal world, but if you’re a serial shopper and have lots of clothes and accessories, buy a wardrobe that will comfortably fit everything you own.

Or you could look at buying a new wardrobe as an opportunity to declutter your clothing collection and go for a smaller one than you currently have.

Again, be honest – are you really going to get rid of what you haven’t worn for years and take it to the charity shop? There’s nothing worse than a small wardrobe stuffed full of too many clothes…

Now that you’ve made that decision, there’s the question of space.

If you have a small bedroom, think upwards and look for designs that are taller than the norm to give extra storage space without taking up and more floor space.

Sliding doors are a brilliant option too as they won’t encroach on a room and mean you can position other items of furniture, such as your bed, closer to the wardrobe if need be.

If you plan to pick a wardrobe with doors that open outwards, make sure they won’t bang into anything else if the room.

Finally, you need to measure the space when you plan to put the wardrobe, including the depth of the space when the wardrobe doors are open.

Take into account sloping ceilings too. Here’s our round-up of the best wardrobes, for all budgets, tastes and room sizes.

1. Slide Away

  • Pax Double Wardrobe in White/Mirror Glass, £442 from Ikea – buy here

This design is best for those who lack space in their bedroom and need to keep things as compact and sleek as possible.

The mirrored sliding doors mean there’s no need to buy a separate full-length mirror, and inside there are two different-sized hanging compartments for longer and shorter items of clothing, as well as three built-in drawers for belts, scarves and whatnot.

2. Lick Of Paint

  • Hastings Double Wardrobe in Grey, £399 from Marks & Spencer – buy here

This design is a good bet if you’re looking for a versatile wardrobe that will fit in with almost any style of decor.

Not too modern or traditional, it’s the ideal all-rounder looks wise and has plenty of additional storage in the form of three drawers – two small and one large.

As well as double sizes, this range also features triple or single wardrobes in Ivory, Grey, Dark Grey and Natural Wood.

3. Earn Your Stripes

  • Charlie Reclaimed Wood 2 Door Wardrobe, £699 from Barker & Stonehouse – buy here

We picked out this wardrobe mostly because it looks so quirky and unusual.

It’s made from reclaimed wood, so no two are the same, but it’s not just all about style. There’s acres of space to hang clothes and two deep drawers below that can take even the bulkiest of items if need be.

If it’s an industrial vibe you’re after, you’ve hit the jackpot here.

4. Curvy

  • Fawn Wardrobe, £1,399 from Heal’s – buy here

Retro, Scandi yet modern all at the same time, this gorgeous, gently curved wardrobe ticks an awful lot of boxes.

Inside, two-thirds is given over to hanging space and the remaining third is made up of shelves – four to be precise – for folded and smaller items.

Finally, there are two roomy drawers at the bottom. A good choice if you need different storage options.

5. White Out

  • Perouse White 3 Door Wardrobe 180cm Width, £850 from Habitat – buy here

Got plenty of space in your bedroom? Lucky you – this wardrobe is perfect if you need loads of storage space in a variety of guises.

The triple design has two areas of hanging space, one full-length, the other shorter, three very roomy shelves and three drawers.

To be honest, it’s so spacious, it may mean you could do away with a separate chest of drawers so could work in a smaller bedroom after all.

7. Open Up

  • Elk wardrobe, £299 from Swoon – buy here

If you don't have room for a traditional wardrobe – or you're anti-closed cupboards – the Elk wardrobe is another open option.

Its descriptions says "Inspired by school play costume stands yet oozing Industrial maturity". We say, space-saving and easy-access to all your favourite pieces.

An easy assembly is taken care of on delivery, and the mango wood drawer, steel frame and solid brass caps whisper 'premium'.

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