Best Leather Cleaner 2021 | The Sun UK

Best Leather Cleaner 2021 | The Sun UK

January 28, 2022

LEATHER furniture is a wonderful thing: it looks amazing, it’s super comfy to sit on and – best of all – it’s really easy to clean.

Provided you have a good leather cleaner, that is.

Unlike, say, your oven, your leather items don’t typically require a ton of chemicals and elbow grease to look sparkling and new. In fact, you can mostly get away with wiping down your leather with leather-safe wipes every now and again.

Just don’t use baby wipes, which can contain chemicals that break down leather over time and cause it to peel and crack.

Some people swear that a simple DIY recipe of dish soap mixed into warm water will do the trick of getting rid of everyday dirt and leave your leather looking shiny again.

Or you can combine one part white vinegar with one part water for a spruce-up. White vinegar is a handy ingredient to have around the house since it’ll clean virtually anything.

For more substantial leather cleaning, or to clean specific leather items, like your shoes, you’re going to want to rely on a specialist leather cleaner to get any stains out and keep leather soft and supple – here are our top picks.

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