Best Car Wash Brushes 2019 | The Sun UK

Best Car Wash Brushes 2019 | The Sun UK

June 20, 2019

ALTHOUGH we do love the superhuman sensation felt when using a jet wash, not everyone has the storage or budget for such luxuries.

Step up from the two-bucket washing method with an attachment made especially for your garden hose.

These top car wash brushes can affix to your existing garden hose and help make the weekly car wash much easier, especially if you drive an SUV.

With the right brush, it’s best if you can control the water flow from the hand, rather than needing to turn the tap on and off.

Investing in a brush with decent build quality might be a bit pricier but it is bound to save plenty of time, since you won’t be fighting to get it to clean where you want.

‘Gentle on paintwork, tough on dirt' is the best approach when looking at the bristle and how fast the water flows.

Bear in mind that these brushes won’t simply connect to the end of your hose.

You’ll need a component to help with that. Our favourite is the Hozelock quick release connector. It’s durable, easy-to-fit and simple-to-use—all for a fiver.

Using a mix of expert knowledge, user reviews and industry tests, we’ve compiled this list of the best car wash brushes for 2019.

1. Filmer Car Brush 18797

  • Filmer 18797 Car Brush, £4.16 from Amazon- buy here

It’s easy to understand why this Filmer car brush is popular.

The Auto Express group test winner, it has an angled head to make getting into the wheel arches a doddle.

It also has a water flow regulator, so you can get on with the job in hand – quite literally.

Lightweight and with bristles that’ll get rid of the grime without trace scratches, it’s a veritable bargain.

It’s particularly suited to drivers of smaller cars, as the lack of telescopic action will limit the range.

Understandably, some drivers will be happy to commit to buying both.

2. Kent Super Car Wash Brush

  • Kent Car Care Car Wash Brush, £6.55 from Amazon- buy here

For an extra couple of quid, you can get Kent’s super car wash Brush.

Kent is a brand renowned for making simple, good quality car cleaning products.

It’s Super Car Wash Brush is as simple as it gets—no frills, gentle bristles, shaped head for getting into corners.

The water flow control is easy to operate. You'll simply need to twist the valve next to the connection to the hose.

Again, it's great for smaller vehicles, or large vehicles’ skirt and wheels area.
A great alternative if you can’t find the Filmer 18797 in stock.

3. Draper 3M Telescopic Washing Brush 85068

  • Draper Telescopic Washing Brush, £22.95 from Amazon- buy here

Telescopic brushes can’t be compared to hand brushes on price, but they can be compared on washing value.

A telescopic brush will have your life if you’re trying to get wheels and skirts done, since gravity works against you.

Thus, you’re much better off combining this purchase with one of our hand brush recommendations.

Draper’s telescopic washing brush folds to a very compact size, and extends to three metres, great for cleaning the roofs of vans, trucks or SUVs.

The head is angled so it’s easier to negotiate harder-to-clean surfaces and there are soft grip pads giving better handling, especially with wet hands.

4. Kent Car Care Butterfly Telescopic Flow Thru Brush

  • Kent Car Care Telescopic Butterfly Flow Thru Brush, £11.99 from Amazon- buy here

This reasonably priced telescopic flow thru brush from Kent Car Care uses a ‘butterfly’ shape to distribute the water evenly.

Though it only extends to 1.7m, users report that this is more than enough, since more length gives more instability.

The soft handle grips help in handling the brush and the nylon bristles don’t scratch paint surfaces and the water flow is controlled by a valve on the handle.

Though the head is initially sturdy and doesn’t swivel, over time, it might work a little jig. Rectified with tape in most instances, this will be off-putting to some drivers.

5. Halfords Long Reach Extending Car Brush

  • Long Reach Extending Car Brush, £35 from Halfords- buy here

This brush is one of the better ones in the Halfords range.

Brushes are definitely a product line Halfords wins very few rounds in.

The handheld options are basic and pricey, compared with other, much better and cheaper models.

The Long Reach extending brush is only 1.6m at its maximum and is also expensive.

In its defence, it comes with universal hose connectors included and you can use it in combined with shampoo sticks, so the water foams as it flows.

There is water control on the handle, featuring neoprene comfort grips and an angled 10” brush head for a better clean.

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