Best 2019 Easter alcoholic eggs for adults – where to buy cheapest

Best 2019 Easter alcoholic eggs for adults – where to buy cheapest

February 1, 2022

EASTER eggs infused with Prosecco, gin and champagne are a luxury but they don't have to cost a fortune.

We've found boozy eggs that combine chocolate and a tipple available to buy from high street retailers – and prices start at £5.

Surprisingly, a Prosecco chocolate egg from posh supermarket Marks & Spencer turns out to be the cheapest treat at just a fiver.

It's even almost a third of the price of Lidl's Prosecco and gin chocolate treat.

The most expensive Easter egg we found is from Hotel Chocolate and it will set you back a staggering £27 for one treat.

Anyone can buy alcoholic chocolates after the Government scrapped age restriction rules back in 2014 that had previously banned anyone under the age of 16 from purchasing them.

Prices for non-alcoholic Easter eggs start at 99p from Aldi, so bear in mind that you will be paying over the odds for alcohol infused treats.

Here are the best boozy – and chocolatey – buys on the high street this Easter:

M&S Proseggo Egg, £5 – buy now

The cheapest boozy egg we could find was the pink, berry flavoured Proseggo from Marks & Spencer.

The milk chocolate has been infused with raspberry, blackcurrant, Prosecco and edible glitter.

There isn't an age restriction to buy it and they only cost £5 – compared to £27 for the most expensive egg on our roundup.

You'll need to pop into your nearest store to get hold of one though as M&S no longer lets customers order food via it's website.

Co-op Irresistible Ecuadorian Milk Chocolate Pod, £7.50 – buy now

The Fairtrade Easter egg is shaped like a chocolate pod rather than a traditional egg.

The pink hollow gift weights 280g adn comes with six gin and strawberry truffles.

It costs £7.50 and isn't available to order online so you'll need to head to your nearest store if you want to get your hands on it.

Jagermeister "creme eggs" gift set, £10

Jagermeister created a cracking combo this Easter – a boozy chocolate "creme egg" filled with cream infused by its liqueur.

Each set comes with two Cadbury creme egg style snacks, two shot glasses and a 100ml bottle of the booze, and were available to buy directly from the Jagermeister website.

Unfortunately, only 250 of the gift sets were available to buy and they're already sold out.

If you were one of the lucky ones who managed to get your hands on a set but holding out until Easter to taste it, you'll be pleased to know we reckon they're delicious.

The Sun had a chance to try them and we think they taste more like the velvety richness of Baileys than the overpowering taste of Jagermeister – and the chocolate shell is thinner than a creme egg.

Lidl’s Deluxe Golden Sculpture Egg, £13 – buy now

Gin? Check. Prosecco? Check. This luxurious Easter egg is made from Belgian chocolate that combines two of our favourite tipples.

The delicious egg is accompanied by smooth Ginsecco (a combination of gin and prosecco) and chocolate ganache mini eggs.

There aren't any details on exactly how much booze is in the gift but there isn't an age restriction on purchases.

The only thing we're not sure about Lidl's alcoholic egg is the giant hole in the middle…

Holdsworth Strawberry Popping Candy Easter Egg, £15 – buy now

You might be thinking "where's the alcohol in this egg?" but it's all about the truffles with this one.

Each 300g white chocolate marble effect egg comes with a selection of milk, dark, pink strawberry and Marc de Champagne truffles.

It's been voted the best boozy Easter egg in the Good Housekeeping's taste test after scoring 73 out of 100.

The magazine describe the truffles as "delicious with a subtle hint of champagne".

Some independent retailers stock the eggs for around £19.99 but we found that the cheapest place to buy is either directly from Holdworth or from John Lewis.

Hotel Chocolate, £27 – buy now

You certainly get your money's worth with this posh chocolate egg from Hotel Chocolat.

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It's made with extra thick chocolate that you can really sink your teeth into and is stuffed with alcoholic truffles.

The booze is all in the mini-chocs which come in gin, Mojito, champagne, rum and red wine flavours.

We've had a look around and sadly you can't get them cheaper anywhere else, so if you've got your heart set on it then you'll have to pay the full £27.

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