Austen Kroll hopes Madison LeCroy can keep her ‘insults to a minimum’

Austen Kroll hopes Madison LeCroy can keep her ‘insults to a minimum’

November 10, 2021

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Southern harm reduction.

“Southern Charm” star Austen Kroll is keeping his distance from ex-girlfriend and co-star Madison LeCroy — and hopes she does the same.

“You [LeCroy] aren’t a part of my life anymore, and you’re going to start a new family and I wish you the best, but I don’t have to send a gift basket and she shouldn’t need that from me,” Kroll told Entertainment Tonight, referring to LeCroy’s recent engagement to fiancé Brett.

He added, “It’s like, no, we didn’t work out. Moving on. Of course I’m going to see her around town and on-camera … let’s see if she’s capable of keeping her insults to a minimum.”

LeCroy, 31, and Kroll, 34, began dating in 2018 but told Page Six in December 2020 that they decided to call it quits for good.

Kroll’s comments follow LeCroy telling Page Six that she hoped he can “show some maturity” about her engagement and joked that getting out of the “toxic relationship” changed her life.

“We just realized that we are better off as friends, and we’re going to keep it that way,” she continued. “He has a great family, and I hope that he finds this feeling because it’s a great feeling. I can’t lie.”

“I hope he shows some maturity and supports me and is happy for me,” she told Page Six after announcing her engagement news in October. “He knows what I want in my life and to actually see that this is becoming a reality, I think that he’ll be happy for me.”

She added that the former couple has “gotten along great so far.”

Kroll broke his silence on LeCroy’s engagement in October on “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen,” saying he “wish[es] the best for her and her new family,” but he’s not eager to meet the fiancé anytime soon.

Soon-to-be salon LeCroy owner teased that fans will see some of her engagement play out on the upcoming season of “Southern Charm,” which just started filming its eighth season.

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