Are YOU having a Bare Minimum Monday?

Are YOU having a Bare Minimum Monday?

February 20, 2023

Are YOU having a Bare Minimum Monday? New workplace trend sees staff taking it easy on the first day of the week after suffering the ‘Sunday scaries’

  • UK career expert Adam Butler has shared  tips to hack ‘Bare Minimum Monday’ 
  • The Officeology CEO said how you can be productive while taking it easy 
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We’ve all been there. The weekend and promises of total relaxation comes and goes much too soon – leaving you slammed with anxieties about client calls, deadlines and spreadsheets.

But now, a new trend sees professionals working to take the stress out of Mondays; by, simply put, doing less.

‘Bare Minimum Monday’ is all about getting through only what is required – and no more – helping you step into the week with less to worry about first thing.

And now, a UK career expert has told FEMAIL how you can make the most of the phenomenon, by working on soothing the ‘Sunday scaries’ as well as accomplishing your goals. 

Workplace solutions expert and CEO of Officeology (, Adam Butler said: ‘By prioritising the absolute essential tasks you need to have done on the Monday, rather than focusing on everything else you have going on in the week, it helps to reduce feelings of overwhelm and makes your Monday to-do list more manageable.’

‘Bare Minimum Monday’ is all about getting through only what is required and no more, helping you step into the week with less to worry about first thing. Stock image used

‘This will result in feeling accomplished at the end of the day, knowing you’ve done the important things, without overdoing it,’ he added.

‘There’s no better feeling than starting the week off with a productive, yet more relaxed day.’


‘Bare Minimum Monday’ is when workers use Monday to do only necessary tasks that day,’ Adam explains.

This goal is reducing the fear of returning to work after the weekend.

‘Have you ever got to the end of the weekend and felt a sudden rush of dread about going back to work on Monday?’ he asked. ‘This is typically what the Sunday Scaries are.’

The gloom and fear of returning to work after a relaxing weekend can be soothed by a low-stakes first day back.



Adam says that the first step is being honest about what you can accomplish in one day.

‘Set yourself a realistic to-do list,’ he explained.

The expert advises sticking to a concise set of tasks which will see you through the working day. 

‘Write down three main goals you want to get done on Monday and schedule these to work on throughout the day,’ he added.


Adam said that you should tackle only one thing on your to-do list at a time.  

‘This will reduce any feeling of overwhelm and help you focus more.’

‘Completing something before you embark on someone else also helps you feel better about impending workload,’ he added. 

‘Once you’ve completed that task, you’ll be able to tick it off your list before moving onto the next one, giving you a sense of accomplishment early on in the day.’


Adam advises reducing the amount of calls you have booked in, if you want to take it easy.  

‘Try and schedule most calls for Tuesday onwards,’ he said.

‘This will help you to focus on getting organised and reduce Zoom fatigue!’


The expert said that letting your colleagues know when you’d prefer not be disturbed could also be a helpful tactic.

Moreover, it would help you dedicate time to being concentrated on something.

‘Scheduling focus time in your calendar so your colleagues know not to book in calls or disturb you is a fantastic way to relieve some pressure off you and enable you to focus on your necessary tasks for the day,’ Adam added.


The expert stresses that you should take your full lunch break, and if you can, get outside for some fresh air.

‘This will help you to feel more productive after lunch, making the last few hours of your Monday a lot more manageable,’ he explained.

‘You could also schedule in a fun activity that you enjoy at the end of the day, whether it be meeting a friend for food or taking a trip to the cinema. It will help to motivate you to get through your day.’

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