Are these the most irritating neighbours ever?

Are these the most irritating neighbours ever?

September 13, 2022

And you thought YOUR neighbours were bad! People share snaps of bad behaviour that’s enough to make your blood boil – from inconsiderate parking to hoarders’ homes filled with rubbish

  • People have shared their stories of neighbours who make their lives a nightmare 
  • Hilarious images collated by Bored Panda show the inconsiderate situations 
  • Including one person who left a passive aggressive note on their neighbour’s car

There is arguably nothing worse for a homeowner than living next door to someone who is rude or inconsiderate.

But not everyone is blessed with considerate neighbours and these hilarious images of thoughtless homeowners will make you glad it isn’t you who lives next door to them.

Collated by Bored Panda, social media users from around the world have shared pictures revealing some outrageously rude behaviour – including a person who left a passive aggressive note on their neighbour’s car for parking in a space they pay for.

While another person took a look inside their neighbour’s home after he moved out to find floor to ceiling piles of rubbish.  

Here, FEMAIL reveals the worst examples of neighbours from hell… 

Collated by Bored Panda, social media users from around the globe have shared pictures revealing some outrageously rude behaviour including this person in the US, who pays $125 a month to park in 111B but unfortunately is unable to fit in because their neighbour parks in between the two spaces 

Threat! Another person, from the US, received  a passive aggressive note from their neighbour for parking in there own assigned space that they pay for 

Litter bugs! This person’s neighbour, from an unknown location, moved out in the dead of night and this is what was left behind 

Yikes! This person, from Russia, has a neighbour from hell who has created a huge health and safety issue with piles of rubbish in their back garden 

Thou shall not pass! One person, from the US, shared a picture of a neighbour’s camper van parked halfway across the road

Bright spark! This person’s neighbour, in the US, put hot charcoal from his grill into a wheelie bin and nearly set the house on fire  

Wow! This person’s ‘weird neighbours’ moved out so they decided to take a look around the house to find this mess inside

Scary! Another person had to put a fence up to block out their ‘incredibly nosey neighbour’ only to spot they had installed a security camera to look over the fence

Ouch! This woman, from the US, who owns a dog told her neighbour’s kids to stop throwing rocks against her fence and she found this in her back garden a half an hour later 

Please stop! This self-Isolating and vulnerable person was forced to put a note up pleading with people to stop taking her bird feeders

Bullseye! One person, from an unknown location, shared a picture of their cracked window after their neighbour shot an arrow through it

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