Arcade pro shares trick to win toys every time on claw machines

Arcade pro shares trick to win toys every time on claw machines

January 26, 2023

An arcade fan shared his best tip to win a toy on the grabbing machine – and viewers were amazed.

The bloke, who posts on TikTok as "Arcade Friends", said there's a "secret" to win and it's not about the angle of the claw.

Calling it the "double tap" trick, the TikToker showed the precise timing to close the claw.

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"Some people don't know the secret about double tapping the claw machine," he said.

"Watch my hand to see how I double tap – first tap to lower claw, second tap to close the claw."

As soon as the machine locks in on the plush teddy bear's head, he moves the joystick and brings it to the chute.

"This gives the claw a strong grip and keeps it from rotating too far," he said. "It's all about timing."

Fans were impressed by the tip, with one saying: "I did this when I was younger, then got a plushie by its tag."

A second shared: "Best tip! But it doesn't guarantee a win, definitely ups your chances!"

Others, however, mentioned that not all grabbing machines are in "perfect condition".

"Most claw machines have an arm with a loose hinge that won't grip," one commented.

In other videos, the TikToker shared another tip and said it's best to "aim for the light part of the plush toy to get the best results" because the claw is too weak to move the heaviest part.

Position also plays a key part in winning the toy.

"The strategy is aiming for plush that have plenty of empty space on both side and hooking under the arms," he added while winning a SuperMario character toy.


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