Amateur cooks share photos of the stomach-churning meals they've made

Amateur cooks share photos of the stomach-churning meals they've made

April 16, 2023

Don’t go to these houses for dinner! Amateur cooks share photos of the stomach-churning meals they’ve concocted in the kitchen

  • One user said their brother would use orange juice in his cereal instead of milk
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There is a fine line between being experimental with your food and flavour combinations and creating something which is considered revolting to most. 

A gallery compiled by Bored Panda of Reddit threads has shown some of the worst food combinations concocted in the kitchen by people from around the world.

One picture shows a bowl of cereal with orange juice in it instead of milk – the cereal is visibly soggy and saturated. The Reddit user, believed to be from the US, said their brother was allergic to milk and would substitute it for the juice.

Elsewhere, pizza is delicious because of it’s mixture of dough, tomato sauce and cheese. But for one user’s neighbour, this is simply not enough. She likes to scrape off the cheese and replace it with tomato ketchup.  

FEMAIL have rounded together some of the most interesting and odd food combinations. But what do you think? Let us know in the comments below… 

One Reddit user shared that her brother was allergic to cow’s milk and would have orange juice in his cereal instead

Banana benedict? Someone recalled seeing a recipe which involved whole baked bananas wrapped in ham and smothered in hollandaise sauce, they said they ‘dry heaved’ at the thought of it 

Other users confessed that ‘jelloed roasts’ containing different types of meats left them feeling ‘freaked out’

It seems for some, the toppings on a pizza are just not enough, as someone commented that their neighbour would take off all the cheese on their pizza and replace it with tomato ketchup 

When one thinks of a salad, surely they would not even dare to combine canned pears, mayonnaise and cheese. Apparently not, as this user’s mother opted for this ‘salad’

Another user confessed to making Nutella and MUSTARD sandwiches when they were a child

Another anonymous user said it was a ‘crime’ to leave pasta unseasoned and to then dollop sauce on top

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