Alexa Nikolas claims Jonah Hill ‘slammed’ her against a door, ‘shoved his tongue’ down her throat when she was 16

Alexa Nikolas claims Jonah Hill ‘slammed’ her against a door, ‘shoved his tongue’ down her throat when she was 16

July 11, 2023

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Nickelodeon alum Alexa Nikolas claims Jonah Hill kissed her without her consent when she was 16 years old, but he emphatically denies her claims.

The former “Zoey 101” star, now 31, alleged via Twitter Saturday that she was once at a Hollywood party hosted by Justin Long and that the “21 Jump Street” star approached her and offered her a cigarette.

Nikolas claimed when she and Hill went outside to smoke, he allegedly assaulted her instead.

“#JonahHill didn’t hand me the cig which I thought was weird and then as we walked back to the door I asked him for it and he said nothing but slammed me to the door and shoved his tongue down my throat,” the actress alleged.

“I was so appalled I pushed him off of me and ran inside.”

However, Hill tells Page Six via his attorneys that Nikolas’ story is “a complete fabrication.”

Nikolas, meanwhile, tells Page Six exclusively that she was terrified over what had allegedly just occurred between her and the “Don’t Look Up” star.

“I was a child so I obviously felt scared and angry,” she says. “Sadly, this wasn’t the first time I’ve been assaulted or objectified as a child.”

The “That’s Life” actress claimed in a separate tweet that she was 16 and the “You People” star was 24 when the alleged incident took place.

“I was intoxicated from their alcohol and so none of that helped my decision making afterwards,” Nikolas also tells us.

“This was before Uber and Lyft by the way and I didn’t even drive yet.”

Nikolas claimed on Twitter that Hill, now 39, and everyone else at the party were “aware” that she was just a teenager at the time.

She adds to Page Six that the actors allegedly “knew” her and her friends were young because it was mentioned even prior to them arriving at the party.

“I remember my friend talking to them on the phone and then saying that I wasn’t able to tell anyone we were going there while we were driving because of our age and what the ‘press would do with that if they knew because of who they all were,’” the former child star claims.

Nikolas adds that once they arrived at the fête, the partygoers allegedly made “jokes” about their “youth” throughout the night.

“[They] even at one point [were] pretending to take a drink away and then giving it back while laughing,” she claims.

“‘Zoey 101’ was even mentioned … Nothing was hidden on our end that’s for sure. … Our age just seemed to encourage secrecy and jokes amongst one another.”

Directing one of her tweets toward Long, 45, Nikolas wrote on Twitter, “I find it interesting you being in ‘Barbarian’ as a predator. It must have been weird playing some of your friends.”

Long’s reps tell Page Six, “This is the first time Justin has been made aware of this situation that allegedly happened nearly two decades ago.

“While Justin is sympathetic to any and all victims of any abuse, the simple fact remains he has no knowledge of what may or may not have happened concerning Ms. Nikolas.”

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Nikolas — who has become an outspoken activist against alleged sexual predators and misconduct against child actors — says she did not decide to file charges over Hill’s alleged assault because it was “2010” and her mom didn’t even know she was at the party.

“I don’t think the culture has changed much honestly,” she adds. “Which is why I created Eat Predators. It’s time for accountability. Power to survivors.”

In 2021, Nikolas sued her ex-husband, Michael Milosh, whom she married at age 19, claiming he allegedly sexually assaulted, abused and groomed her when she was a minor.

However, she later dismissed the lawsuit but said she planned to refile at a later time.

The actress also shared via Twitter Saturday that she wanted to come forward about her alleged experience with Hill because she found his ex-girlfriend Sarah Brady claims that he was emotionally abusive to her “admirable.”

The surfer alleged in a series of Instagram Stories Friday that the “Wolf of Wall Street” actor would allegedly “gaslight” and “manipulate” her into removing photos of herself surfing in a swimsuit throughout their relationship.

Brady — who dated Hill from August 2021 to early 2022 — also claimed her ex disapproved of her “inappropriate friendships with men” as well as “friendships with women who are in unstable places.” She did not accuse him of physical abuse, though.

“I too struggle with mental health but I do not use it to control ppl [sic] like he did to me,” she added in one of her posts. Hill has yet to publicly respond to his ex’s allegations.

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