Aldi's Christmas buffet food includes mini hotdogs, eclairs and chicken bites

Aldi's Christmas buffet food includes mini hotdogs, eclairs and chicken bites

October 6, 2020

ALDI has unveiled its Christmas buffet food range and there’s plenty to get excited about.

The discount supermarket chain is offering mini versions of several Brits favourites, including hot dogs and burgers, as part of its festive party food.

It also has a pulled pork and pancetta “cracker”, which makes a perfect centerpiece for any table.

We know it's two months until Christmas but some of the Christmas treats will hit Aldi’s shelves in stores later this month, so you can start stocking up sooner rather than later.

Aldi doesn't sell its food online yet, so if you want to snap up any of its Christmas grub, you need to visit your local branch instead.

We’ve had a sneak peak of the range and have chosen our favourites here.

Pulled Pork & Pancetta Cracker – £3.99

The star of the show that’s bound to get everyone talking, Aldi’s pastry centrepiece is filled with pulled pork and succulent smoky Italian pancetta, combined with seasoned British pork sausage meat in a buttery, flaky and light pastry, which is shaped by hand and sprinkled with a paprika crumb.

Available in shops from December 10.

Indian-Style Windmills – £2.99

These festive spirals come in two flavours, vegetable korma, made from a cooked vegetable filling, korma seasoning, coconut cream powder and nigella seeds, with a crispy spring roll pastry. 

There’s also Chicken Tikka, which is made from a chicken breast and a crunchy vegetable filling, flavoured with tikka seasoning. 

Available in shops from December 10.

Mini hot dogs – £2.99

The classic German and American snack has had a Christmas party makeover with tiny versions on offer.

They feature pork sausages sat in a pillowy bun and can be topped with either ketchup or mustard, depending on what you fancy.

In stores from December 10.

Thai Roses – £2.99

To give your party and oriental flair, Aldi’s created Thai Roses. 

They’re handmade red and yellow roses made with vegetable filling, curry paste, spices and wrapped in filo pastry.

Another beautiful snack option which looks like it would be too delicious to eat, but we think you’ll manage.

Available in stores from October 26.

Chicken Bites – £1.49

Chicken-lovers can rejoice: Aldi’s chicken bites come in three different flavours and are bound to tantalize your taste buds.

They’re inspired by cuisines around the world and come in Nacho cheese, Chinese and Bhaji flavours.

You can buy them in store from September 21.

Mini Eclairs – 85p

What’s better that normal eclairs? Tiny ones.

Carrying on with the theme of small snacks, these eclairs are made from choux pastry, filled with cream and topped with chocolate ganache.

Available in stores from December 10.

Filled Churros – £1.69

For people who love all things deep fried and sweet, the churros are right up your alley.

The Spanish treats are filled with toffee sauce are the perfect bite sized treats for your Christmas party table.

Available in stores from December 10.

Mini cones – £1.99

Those who love the sweet icey treats all year round can also have them for their Christmas party spread too.

The cones come in chocolate & hazelnut, strawberry & Irish cream and caramel & honeycomb, meaning that even picky eaters are bound to have a flavour they like.

 Available in stores from December 10.

Aldi's the latest supermarket to unveil its Christmas food range.

M&S recently announced its range this year, which includes gin-filled snow globe baubles and mini battered sausages.

Sainsbury’s Christmas 2020 food meanwhile includes a pigs in blankets stuffing wreath.

And Matalan is selling Baileys Christmas crackers filled with boozy truffles.

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