Aldi customer discovers shock Fabulosa cleaning products label mix up that brand insists is a recycling tactic

Aldi customer discovers shock Fabulosa cleaning products label mix up that brand insists is a recycling tactic

May 14, 2021

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One Aldi customer got a surprise when she peeled back the label of her furniture polish expecting to see a plain can packaging.

Instead, peeling back the label revealed a carpet cleaning can underneath which led her to question what the product inside really was.

The customer said that her daughter had seen videos on TikTok but she didn’t believe it was real until she tested it out for herself.

The post made on the Aldi UK Shoppers group received 269 shocked comments and counting.

Fabulosa were quick to defend their packaging claiming it’s recycling. While some shoppers accepted the explanation, others have questioned if the products are actually all the same.

It was quickly explained that Fabulosa, the makers of the cleaning products, has designed the cans to recycle the end of the line cans that would have gone to waste.

“Instead of throwing end of line tins that were not used they’re putting labels over the top,” explained one customer.

Another customer jumped in the comments to explain, saying: “Fabulousa have made a statement to say they are recycling cans but it is the product you are buying to save waste. I 100% back this!”

The company itself later addressed the posts on their own social media, explaining that the move was indeed to reduce waste.

“Some of you may have noticed that we have used printed labels for a selection of aerosol products, and when peeled back, it reveals a different pre-printed can," Fabulosa wrote.

Adding: “Please be reassured that this is purely to reduce unnecessary wastage and the product inside is a totally new fragrance and as described on the printed label. Please also be reassured that the can was empty and unused prior to being filled with your product.

"We hope you understand and appreciate the importance of doing all we can to reduce waste and this does not impact the quality of the product.”

However, other customers were more sceptical about the explanation and speculated that the products are actually all the same.

“Then how come all the scents smell the same?” one promptly commented on the post shared on Facebook and Instagram.

While another added: “If this was actually the case then you’d have been clear and transparent from the first time you utilised an unused, incorrectly labelled product and making everyone aware that this is something you are doing in order to reduce waste”.

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