Adorable dog saved from cancer thanks to nose amputation

Adorable dog saved from cancer thanks to nose amputation

February 1, 2022

This is Yogi, a Border Terrier who’s had to have his nose removed to save his life from a rare form of soft-tissue cancer.

Yogi, who’s 11 years old, was first taken to the vet after his owner noticed he had a grey tooth and a growth in his mouth.

The poor guy was diagnosed with high-grade fibrosarcoma in his upper jaw, and had to undergo life-saving surgery at Linnaeus-owned Eastcott Veterinary Referrals in Swindon, Wilts., last month.

His little nose was sadly very cancerous, but once the vets removed it, Yogi was able to make a full recovery.

His relieved owner Anna Gaughan, a veterinary nurse from Calder, Yorkshire, said: ‘I sent Yogi’s initial reports over to specialist vets, and they confirmed Yogi had a very rare and aggressive type of cancer in his mouth.

‘It is often very difficult to diagnose. Yogi is such an important part of my family and is really the best dog ever.

‘He is so happy and lively all the time, so it was hard to see him for the first time after surgery, but I am so pleased with how well he has taken it all and, more importantly, how healthy he now is.’

Animal dentist Andrew Perry, who treated Yogi, said the dog’s condition was challenging since the cancer was spreading fast.

He said: ‘This type of cancer is highly invasive and locally destructive. It is often a challenge to diagnose due to its apparent low activity when reviewed under the microscope.

‘Yogi’s mass was large and had expanded into his upper jaw. Computed tomographic imaging revealed that it was also invading the tissue of the nose.

‘It was growing very quickly and due to its size and extent, we knew the only option to cure all the cancer was to resect all of the affected tissues including the nose.

‘Yogi was a fabulous patient and although this treatment was one that affected his outward appearance, it never affected his amazing personality.

‘He needs lots of post-operative care, including help with learning how to eat normally, but I am happy to report the treatment has, so far, been extremely successful with no evidence of any cancer remaining.’

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