7 Best Friend Christmas Jumpers 2021 | The Sun UK

7 Best Friend Christmas Jumpers 2021 | The Sun UK

September 24, 2021

THERE ARE lots of lovely ways to show your friends you love them, from sending them a Christmas card to treating them to a pressie…

Our favourite? Twinning with them for the festive season by partying in coordinated Christmas jumpers!

Matching Christmas jumpers are practically made to be seen on social media, whether you're a TikTok lover or an Instagrammer, or both!

When it comes to Christmas jumpers for friends, you can take the subtle approach with a cute slogan sweatshirt design.

Or you can go all out with a full-on festive Santa and Elf design in a two-person jumper (see Boohoo for inspo).

One tip: just make sure you really, really get along with your friend before you spend an entire party attached to them via knitwear…

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