7 Best Face Oils 2021 | The Sun UK

7 Best Face Oils 2021 | The Sun UK

January 19, 2021

YOU might associate the word oil with tanning and French fries. If so, then there's one oil that you're really missing out on: face oil.

The best face oils are smoothing saviours that simultaneously keep your skin looking young and moisturised.

Mainly plant-based, face oils are known for hydrating yet they also have healing, correcting and antibacterial properties.

People normally apply them after cleansing and before moisturising as part of morning and evening routines.

They're not only for those with dry skin, there are some made for oily skin which help stabilise the natural oils that secrete your face. Handy, huh?

Skincare shopping can be hard as there's so much choice out there, so we've found the best face oils according to reviews, best-sellers and best value for money. Enjoy.

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