39 useful gifts for anyone with an iPhone, AirPods, iPad or Apple Watch

39 useful gifts for anyone with an iPhone, AirPods, iPad or Apple Watch

December 11, 2020

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Holiday shopping isn’t always as easy or fun like the movies make it seem. However, it doesn’t have to be a grueling task and we’d like to think we can assist you with gift ideas when shopping online. Don’t worry if you missed most of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals—we’ve rounded up 39 gifts for the Apple lovers in your life that won’t break the bank.

NightStand for Apple Watch, on sale for $14.99 (49% off)

This minimalist-style stand suctions itself to most surfaces so that Apple Watch stays in place.

MagicGrips for Apple Magic Mouse 1 & 2, on sale for $10.99 (26% off)

These two MagicGrips are like soft cushions for fingers that will help with mouse grip and comfort during those long days at work.

MOZA Mini-MI Wireless Charging Smartphone Gimbal, on sale for $94.99 (13% off)

This gimbal charges their device while recording so they can capture impressive shots and not have to worry about a dying battery.

Oakwood iPhone and Apple Watch Charging Dock, on sale for $59.99 (24% off)

This 2-in-1 dock will keep their devices neatly in place and simultaneously charge their iPhone & Apple Watch on a sleek charger they won’t mind keeping out in view.

BatteryPro Portable Charger for iPhone & Apple Watch, on sale for $79.99 (19% off)

This portable charger provides over two weeks of Apple Watch charging or three days of iPhone charging, perfect for reviving a low battery while not at home.

Nylon Braided iPhone Lightning Cable, on sale for $9.99 (37% off)

This lightning cable is braided to prevent twisting or stretching and will charge any Lightning device at maximum speed.

Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard with Touch-Pad, on sale for $71.95 (8% off)

This foldable Bluetooth keyboard is ideal for the frequent traveler and provides 48 hours of working time until its next charge.

AirPods Pro Accessory Bundle, on sale for $14.99 (50% off)

This bundle is designed to protect their AirPods and includes a carabiner, anti-lost rope, earbud holder, and protective sleeve for their utmost convenience.

3-Pack: 10-Ft Cloth MFi-Certified Lightning Cable, on sale for $39.99 (66% off)

The longer length and tangle-resistant cloth fiber of this MFi-certified Lightning cable will charge their device faster than a standard cable and makes traveling with it more convenient.

Apple Magic Keyboard (Certified Refurbished), on sale for $99.99 (23% off)

This Bluetooth keyboard has an extended layout and a numeric keypad, plus full-sized arrow keys for gaming, along with an optimized key travel for an easy, precise typing experience.

Aduro AirPods 8-Piece Accessory Bundle, on sale for $9.99 (66% off)

This bundle includes a protective silicone case, sports-style ear hooks and wing covers, a magnetic neck strap, carabiner attachment, watch strap holder, and a travel pouch.

Wireless Charger for Apple AirPods & Phones, on sale for $16.99 (66% off)

Just place those AirPods in the engraved area and they will start charging quickly and safely with no overheating or battery damage.

Apple Watch Wireless Charger Keychain, on sale for $19.99 (59% off)

No need to bring a long charging cable when leaving the house because this keychain will charge all Apple Watch series and its portable size makes it convenient to slip in any purse or pants pocket.

2-Pack: 10-Ft Nylon Braided USB-C Cables, on sale for $17.99 (55% off)

These braided cables are resistant to kinking, tangling, pet chewing, and extreme temperatures and can charge USB-C devices quicker than standard charging cables.

AirPod Charger, on sale for $31.99 (36% off)

This charger is ideal to use when driving as it prevents the user from having to look down and open the clamshell case. It comes with two Earhoox and a stand and car mount.

Earhoox: AirPod Survival Kit, on sale for $39.99 (20% off)

This Earhoox bundle is for those who can’t seem to get their AirPods to stay in their ear and includes two pairs of Earhoox, one case with clip, one magnetic strap, and an AirPod charger with a stand and car mount.

Gotek Wireless Charging Music Station, on sale for $46.95 (20% off)

Users can stream and charge their Qi-enabled smartphones easily and wirelessly while listening to the built-in FM radio or utilizing the alarm.

Ballistic AirPods Pro Case, on sale for $11.99 (40% off)

Made with a premium ballistic nylon that’s shock-proof against drops, this AirPods Pro case is just what they need to protect their precious ‘pods.

PLUGiES MagTech: USB-C to MagTech Cable, on sale for $11.99 (70% off)

This 6.6′ magnetic snap-and-charge plug makes charging devices so much easier with its magnetic head, bidirectional cable, and fast-charging abilities.

Docking Station, on sale for $88 (10% off)

This docking station is made from solid walnut, topped with a soft felt material, and will charge any Apple products in an organized manner.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 in Space Gray (Refurbished), on sale for $79.99 (19% off)

The Magic Mouse 2 has a Multi-Touch surface and a continuous bottom shell with an optimized foot design is Bluetooth-enabled and lasts for a month or more on a full charge.

Chargeworx Slim & Foldable Dual Wireless Charging Pad, on sale for $34.99 (30% off)

Charging their Qi-enabled device will be fast, simple, and convenient with these slim and foldable wireless charging pads.

iKlips C Apple Lightning/USB-C Flash Drive, on sale for $139.99 (21% off)

Now they can share important files between their iPhone, Android, Mac, or PC with this tiny flash drive. It was successfully funded on Kickstarter at $117,888.

Apple iPhone Lightning Dock on sale for $29.99 (54% off)

Charge any iPhone that has a Lightning connector with this dock that allows your phone to sit upright while charging or syncing.

6.5-Ft Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable, on sale for $26.99 (55% off)

MagSafe technology combined with inductive charging makes for a quick and easy way for them to charge their Apple Watch thanks to the strong, magnetic snap.

QUAD Wireless Charging Station, priced at $185.99

This 4-in-1 charging station is made from bamboo, genuine leather, and wood and can charge three devices simultaneously, has a built-in Apple Watch magnetic charger, and an integrated Lightning port.

iBolt ChargeDock with MFi-Certified Cable, on sale for $15.99 (77% off)

This ChargeDock will connect to their car’s audio system or Apple CarPlay, has multiple placement options besides the car, a metal plate placement, and is compatible with most iPhone and case combos.

CharbyEdge Pro 6-in-1 Universal Cable, on sale for $24.99 (16% off)

All their devices will charge in a flash thanks to the 100w speed plus its ability to charge everything from the MacBook Pro or Air, iPhone, iPad, Android phones, and wireless earphones.

Wireless Charging Pad for AirPods & AirPods Pro, on sale for $28.99 (17% off)

Their AirPods will charge conveniently and sit safely on this pad thanks to its anti-slip design. Additionally, it has a LED indicator to display the charging status.

Wireless Qi Canvas Duo Device Charger, on sale for $59.99 (40% off)

This charger has a textured canvas base, can charge two devices at once, has an ultra-thin design, LED charging indicators, and will work with any Qi-enabled device.

Porta 3-in-1 Power Bank for iPhone, Apple Watch, & AirPods, on sale for $49.99 (58% off)

This lightweight charger is ideal for traveling with and it can wirelessly charge your Apple Watch, AirPods, and iPhone all at once.

Apple Watch Portable USB Charger, on sale for $18.99 (52% off)

Its built-in magnetic adsorption module allows them to charge their watch right after contact. It fully charges the watch within 2–3 hours.

Chargeworx 4-in-1 Multi-Charging Stand, on sale for $29.99 (53% off)

Charge up to four devices at once without the use of any annoying wires. It gets bonus points for reducing desk or table clutter!

Magnetic Power Tiles: 4-in-1 Wireless Charging Station, on sale for $39.99 (59% off)

This 4-in-1 charger can charge three different devices at a time, but wait, it can charge a fourth device when using the USB port on the back. There’s even a breathing lamp that indicates if the station is in use or not.

Ocushield Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector for iPhone 12 Pro, on sale for $34.99 (44% off)

Your giftee will be able to protect their eyes from 90% of the blue light that many of our devices give off, with this helpful premium tempered glass screen protector.

Aduro Fidget Magnetic Self-Winding MFi Lightning Cable, on sale for $13.99 (72% off)

No more wires tangling up or causing disarray on their workspace because this charging device has magnets that will keep their gadgets organized and in place.

2-Pack: Earhoox 2.0 for AirPods Pro in Black, on sale for $15.99 (20% off)

These Earhoox are perfect for those whose AirPods Pros keep slipping out as they conform to every ear shape and provide a soft, comfy fit.

Magnetic Wireless Charger for iPhone 12, on sale for $29.99 (23% off)

This magnetic charger provides a fast charge and a secure fit and its functional design won’t interfere with the handling of the phone.

Crystal iPhone 12 Transparent Case, on sale for $14.99 (25% off)

With its durable anti-slip TPU construction, this iPhone 12 case will allow them to safely use their phone with easy access to all ports and buttons.

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