19 Cute “Good Morning” Texts To Send Your Partner Every Day & Put A Smile On Their Face

19 Cute “Good Morning” Texts To Send Your Partner Every Day & Put A Smile On Their Face

April 15, 2021

Mornings can be rough, especially for those who live their best life at night. (Hi, me.) If you want to make the early hours easier on the one you love, “good morning” texts to send your partner can put a smile on their face before they’ve even brushed their teeth. Truly, who couldn’t use more of that?

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a “good morning” text, you know how giddy it can make you feel. "Texting is one of the best ways of keeping a relationship interesting — you can use it to tease, tempt, and flirt," dating coach and relationship expert James Preece previously told Elite Daily. "It’s a great opportunity to build on your chemistry and get them keen to see you again," even if you see each other every day.

You don’t have to stress too much about “good morning” texts. In fact, the more organic they feel, the better. Whether you want to tell your partner about your random dream from the night before, or gush about how much they mean to you, it’s low-stakes. But for the days when your creativity is stumped and you’re stuck in an early-morning brain fog, here are some texts to get you started.

Cute “good morning” texts might not be for everyone. You and your partner might be into casually roasting each other or dirty jokes first thing in the morning. That’s cool too! (“Had a dream about your big ol’ forehead” can make them just as giddy as something sentimental, if that’s what floats their boat.) The idea is just to let them know you’re thinking about them. And with one of the above “good morning” texts, they’ll know it without a doubt.

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