14 Best duvets in 2022: Find out what tog, filling and size is best for you | The Sun UK

14 Best duvets in 2022: Find out what tog, filling and size is best for you | The Sun UK

March 15, 2022

IF you're on the lookout for a new duvet, the options can be overwhelming – there's the type of filling, the size, tog rating, if it's hypo-allergenic or machine-washable, and so much more.

Don't worry, we've got you covered – we've put together a list of 14 of the best-selling, top-rated duvets with a range of fillings to suit every budget.

What are the different duvet fillings – and what are they good for?

There are two main types of duvet fillings: natural and synthetic.

If cared for properly, natural duvets can last longer than synthetic ones and they usually tend to be more breathable.

Down – a type of fine feather and thermal insulator – is the warmest material and is pretty lightweight, but generally the most expensive. Down is definitely for splurging.

Feathers, usually from geese, are slightly less warm but heavier and therefore a more affordable option – a mix of both down and feather offers the best of both worlds.

Wool is best if you’re a cold person, and struggle in the winter months – plus, it also removes heat and moisture so there's no need to worry about any nasties brewing.

On the synthetic side of the fence, duvets usually made from polyester benefit from being extremely hard-wearing and can be easily washed more regularly than natural duvets. They tend to keep a shape better too, and don't get lumpy over time.

Think of synthetic duvets as solid all-rounders that offer good degrees of comfort, warmth and softness at a very reasonable price.

What are duvet togs?

The tog rating of a duvet is simply a way of measuring how warm a duvet is. They most commonly start at 4.5 tog (the coolest) and go right up 15 tog (the warmest).

A 4.5 tog duvet is generally considered cool enough for summer, and either a 10.5 or 13.5 tog is ideal for winter.

If you have a memory foam mattress or mattress topper, you may want to think about going for a lower tog duvet to counteract the warmth of the memory foam.

What is the best tog duvet for all-year-round?

This really depends on how warm or cool you like to be in bed but an all-seasons duvet can be a great investment.

These are comprised of a lightweight spring/summer duvet (4.5 tog) and a warmer autumn duvet (10.5 tog) which can be fastened together (often with buttons along the edge) if you need extra warmth in the winter.

A 10.5 tog duvet should be sufficient for the majority of the year.

What is the coolest duvet filling for summer?

Many different duvet fillings have breathable, sweat-wicking properties.

Natural rather than synthetic fibres will keep you the coolest and we would recommend both the Emma Cloud and Simba Hybrid duvets for their clever temperature-regulating microfibres.

Plus, 100% cotton duvets are both airy and lightweight -making them ideal for the hot summer months.

What is the warmest duvet filling for winter?

As well as being better at keeping you cool in the summer, natural fibres are also more efficient as thermal insulation in the colder weather.

We would recommend a goose or duck down or feather duvet to keep you cosy and warm.

A pure wool duvet would also certainly keep you toasty – our suggestion of the Soak & Sleep Luxury New Zealand Pure Wool duvet will keep you both cool and warm so it's all you'll need all year round.

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