10 Best gin advent calendars for Christmas 2021

10 Best gin advent calendars for Christmas 2021

October 12, 2021

FORGET decorating the tree and present wrapping – if you’re serious about getting into the Christmas spirit from December 1st, you’ll want one of 2021's best gin advent calendars.

Thanks to a nearly decade-long gin boom, there are swathes of options on the market, including craft gins, pink gins and premium options to make sure you have a gin-credible Christmas.

If you’re investing in a gin advent calendar to share with your partner (or with yourself…?) in the run-up to Christmas Day, be sure to choose one made up of 50ml (5cl) bottles so you can have a single measure G&T each, or alternatively, buy two — it’s Christmas after all. But consume responsibly — we don't want a shocking hangover on Christmas Day.

Alternatively, if you’re buying a gin advent calendar as a present for someone else, including a pack of mini tonic cans along with it would be a thoughtful touch.

Get into the Christmas spirit (quite literally) with our selection of gin advent calendars and celebrate the Christmas countdown in the best way. Cheers to that!

That Boutique-y Gin Company

  • That Boutique-y Gin Advent Calendar, £49.95 from Master of Malt – buy here

In stock and ready for dispatch now, That Boutique-y Gin Company’s premium calendar of dinky, 30ml wax-sealed gin drams has ‘early Christmas gift’ written all over it.

If the lucky recipient is a fan of uniquely-flavoured gins, they’ll be delighted by what’s behind the doors of this unique gin advent calendar.

As well as gins with some curious names such as Moonshot Gin, From Lima With Love Gin, and Bush Tucker Gin, they’ll find some wickedly offbeat flavours including smoked rosemary, spit-roasted pineapple and yuzu.

Had the same calendar last year? No sweat, the 2021 version is totally different, so you won't be sampling the same spirit twice.

The Premium Pink Gin Advent Calendar

  • Premium pink gin advent calendar, £44.99 from The Bottle Club (pre-order now) – buy here

If you’re a fan of floral, fruity pink gin, don’t mess about with other gin advent calendars: this one contains only pink gins from 12 different producers, including Tiptree, Whitley Neill, Edgerton and Chase.

Ready for pre-order now, the calendar contains 12 hand-selected 5cl bottles of unique gin with lip-smacking flavours, including Raspberry Ribble, Watermelon, Pink Grapefruit, Rose Petal, and much more.

It’s got to be said that you’ll probably be tickled pink with it.

The Craft Gin Club

  • The Very Merry Gin Advent Calendar, £99.95 from The Craft Gin Club – buy here

Curated with a little help from Philip Schofield (who knew the Schofe was a massive fan of craft gin?!) The Craft Gin Club’s 25 Gins of Christmas advent calendar is available to purchase now – and is most certainly not one to be missed.

Apparently, Schofe is a long-standing member of the club, and helped to put together this impressive selection, which includes 50ml bottles from Cambridge Distillery, Cotswolds Distillery, Brass Lion Distillery, and others.

There's even a special, brand new Winter gin, made by Schofe and the Club, which has never been seen before, so add one to your basket quick – like last year's, it's sure to be a sell-out.

Drinks By The Dram Premium Gin Advent Calendar

  • The Premium Gin advent calendar, £84.95 from Drinks By The Dram – buy here

Sample craft and boutique gins from around the world with this calendar of 30ml, wax-sealed drams from far-flung producers in Japan and Finland, among others – as well as award-winning home-grown gin-makers.

Some of the brands on offer in the aesthetically-beautiful calendar includes Bluecoat American Dry Gin, Roku Gin, Hernö Juniper Cask Gin and Bathtub Gin.

You definitely aren’t going to want to share them, so your other half might need to get their own calendar – the good news though is that they're available to order now, so be quick, and get one (…or two) in the bag.

Not On The High Street Gin Advent Cracker

  • Gin Filled Giant Advent Calendar,  £144.95 from Not on The Highstreet – buy here

This giant, cracker-shaped advent calendar will add an extra bit of festive cheer to any room.

Filled with 24 50ml gins from both well-known brands, and artisan manufacturers, any recipient will have a fabulously gin-dulgent December.

What's best is it's available for order now, and you get can it by next week if you're wanting to feel extra smug about being prepared for the Christmas countdown.

Virgin Wines Gin Advent Calendar

  • Gin Advent Calendar, £99.99 (reserve for £10) at Virgin Wines – buy here

This premium gin advent calendar features 24 different 5cl bottles of gin for you to try.

You'll find a range of styles – Navy Strength, craft botanicals, sloe gin, Old Tom – to enjoy each day of the month in the lead-up to Christmas.

Virgin Wines has also said that it's hidden some exclusive gins in this year's calendar, and they're ones you won't find in any other 2021 gin advent calendar on the market. Exciting stuff.

It includes some classic favourite brands, as well as some smaller boutique craft gins.

It's available to reserve now for just £10, and the remaining £89.99 will be deducted from your account when it's ready to be dispatched in November.

The Drop Store

  • 12 Gins of Christmas Advent Calendar, £45 from The Drop Store – buy here

Start the 12 days of Christmas countdown off right with this 12 Gins of Christmas advent calendar from The Drop Store.

Inside are 12 5cl bottles of gin, at 40 percent ABV, boasting an assortment of flavours, including Honey and Orange Blossom, Mango and Papaya, Rhubarb and Ginger, Raspberry, and much more.

Brands featured inside range from Berkshire and JJ Whitley, to Whitley Neill.

The cute, box-shaped advent calendar is available to buy now – so get to it!

The Gin to My Tonic

  • 12 Days of Gin-Mas Calendar 2021, £50 from The Gin to My Tonic (pre-order now) – buy here

Celebrate the last 12 days of the Christmas countdown in style, sipping a craft gin lurking behind the doors of this specially-curated calendar by The Gin to My Tonic.

Each door reveals a 5cl bottle of craft gin, but from where and whom is a hard-kept secret for now…

However, the brand has said that each day will be as exciting as opening up pressies on Christmas Day itself, and it will be sharing tasting notes, cocktail recipes and mixing tips live on social media in the countdown to Christmas.

The Gin Warehouse

  • Around the World Gin-vent Calendar 2021, £90 from The Gin Warehouse (pre-order now) – buy here

Hot off the press is this extra-special Around the World Ginvent Calendar from The Gin Warehouse.

Available to pre-order now for shipping in November, this calendar comes with 24 3cl bottles of gin, sourced from around the world, from as far as Africa, Australia, Costa Rica, Spain, Switzerland and more.

Many of the gins selected for the calendar are award-winning, too, so you always know you're getting your hands on something special.

The Gin Warehouse says that flavours range from citrus and floral, to fruity, juniper and spiced gins.

The Wine Box

  • Gin Advent Calendar 24 Days of Christmas, £80 from The Wine Box (pre-order now) – buy here

Forget about wine, this Christmas countdown is all about gin – and lots of it, according to The Wine Box.

The fabulous black, gold and holly-designed, cube-shaped advent calendar is back, and it's better than ever.

Inside is 24 different 5cl bottles of gins, waiting to be discovered and devoured, with a lip-smacking array of flavours including: Dandelion and Burdock, Gooseberry, Cherry, Blood Orange, Lemon, Rose and more. Plus, it also comes with an exciting cocktail recipe book, too.

Brands included, but not limited to, are Peaky Blinders Spirits, Whitley Neill, Berkshire, and Aber Falls – and it's available to pre-order now.

Advent Calendars from 2020 you can still buy now

These advent calendars are still available to purchase from 2020 — we expect they'll be replaced by 2021 versions as the festive season draws nearer, though.

Blue Tree Gifts

  • 2020 Gin Advent Calendar, £83.99 at Amazon – buy here

This beautifully packaged gin advent calendar from Blue Tree contains 24 5cl bottles of gin for any gin fiend to enjoy.

This is last year's offering but is still available to buy from Amazon.

You'll find a selection of top brands including Sipsmith, Beefeater, Gordon's and Ginovation, as well as exciting flavour ideas like Victoria Sponge, and Grapefruit and Pomelo.

Blue Tree Gifts

  • Gin advent calendar 2020 edition, £79.99 from Amazon – buy here

Last year’s Blue Tree gin advent calendar received brilliant reviews, and it's still available on Amazon.

If you tend to play it safe by buying the same brand of gin on repeat, then treating yourself to a gin calendar like this one is a good way to broaden your gin brand and flavour horizons.

The calendar includes 50ml bottles from a variety of premium brands such as Sipsmith, Aviation American Gin, JJ Whitley, Gordon’s and Tarquins, as well as some unusual flavours that you may not have tried.

Let’s just call it an early Christmas present to yourself shall we?

The best of last year's gin advent calendars

Last year there were a number of great gin advent calendars available that we're keenly waiting to come back in stock. Keep an eye on these links — we'll update them when the calendars are available to purchase.

BrewDog LoneWolf 12 Gins of Christmas

  • BrewDog LoneWolf Gin Advent Calendar – buy here

Thanks to its runaway success over the last few years, BrewDog isn't focused exclusively on beer anymore — it also produces LoneWolf, a craft gin with notes of Lavender and Citrus.

Last year BrewDog produced a "12 LoneWolf Gins of Christmas" box, which enabled gin fans to try eight new flavours as well as four familiar favourites. All came in 50ml measures, making it perfect for sharing (or treating yourself to a double).

BrewDog has confirmed that it will be bringing back the calendar this year, albeit in a slightly different guise – BrewDog hopes it will be ready to purchase from October, but there's been no updates yet.

Is Morrisons doing a gin advent calendar this year?

Unfortunately, the super-popular gin advent calendar from Morrison's wasn't available last year and it's not looking good for this year either.

However, we've contacted Morrisons and will update this page with its response.

For alternatives, check out our gin advent calendar options above — we think some might tickle your fancy.

What is the best value gin advent calendar in 2021?

At under £50 with 24 different gins included, we'd opt for That Boutique-y Gin Company's gin advent calendar — it's a value-for-money buy.

Where to buy gin advent calendars

There are lots of places you can find gin advent calendars online.

Try Amazon, Master of Malt and The Bottle Club, which all have a selection of different gin advent calendars in stock.

Supermarkets like Waitrose and M&S also typically sell gin advent calendars.

How much do gin advent calendars cost?

Gin advent calendars are available at a range of price points. For 12 Days of Christmas calendars with 12 mini gins inside, expect to pay somewhere between £30 and £40.

Gin advent calendars with 24 mini bottles typically cost in the range of £70 to £100.

How much is the Phillip Schofield gin advent calendar?

The Phillip Schofield gin advent calendar, created with the Craft Gin Club, contains 25 gins and costs £99.95.

You can buy it here.

If you enjoyed our feature on the best gin advent calendars, check out our round-up of the best advent calendars for men and the best advent calendars for women.

Or if you want to get your drinks delivered in their regular sizes, find out more about the best alcohol delivery services.

Find gift ideas for all the family with Sun Selects.

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