10 Best Baby Nail Clippers 2021 | The Sun UK

10 Best Baby Nail Clippers 2021 | The Sun UK

July 13, 2021

IS ANYTHING sweeter or more precious than your tiny baby’s little fingers and toes? That's why it's so important to use the best baby nail clippers.

You may not know this – yet – but there are specially designed baby-sized nail clippers, scissors and nail files.

They can help you through the nail-cutting process since adult clippers are just too big.

Based on our own expertise, and top-rated customer reviews, these are the nail clippers we think you’ll want to know about.

When you’re faced with cutting a baby’s nails, sweet becomes stressful; you don’t want to cut too much and cause them to bleed.

Some seasoned parents will tell you to avoid clipping your baby’s nails for the first several weeks because it’s just too tricky; you're likely to be better off biting those tiny nails off yourself to prevent your baby from scratching.

However, as your baby gets older, a weekly nail clipping session won’t go amiss – you don’t want them to accidentally scratch themselves on the face (or you on yours!)

Even with a baby nail clipper, you want to be careful not to go too far down the nail as your baby will scream, the nail will bleed and everyone (including parents) will cry.

If you’re worried you can’t keep up with trimming and baby’s nail growth, you can also buy a pair of baby scratch mitts, which are a sort of baby mitten they can wear, indoors and out, to prevent accidental scratches from happening.

Clipping your baby’s nails isn’t one of the things you joyfully dreamed of doing before becoming a parent, but you’ll be grateful to have the right baby nail clipper at your disposal.

Check out our selection below for the top baby nail clippers out below.

1. Best baby nail clippers with light: Safety 1st Sleepy Baby Nail Clippers

  • Safety 1st Sleepy Baby Nail Clippers, £13.68 at Amazon – buy here 

Not being able to see what you’re cutting – a common problem when trying to trim a small baby’s nails – can be a recipe for disaster.

That's why the built-in LED light on these Safety First Sleepy Baby nail clippers is a lifesaver for worried parents – you can even use it stealthily while the baby is asleep.

This baby nail clipper also comes with a nail file to smooth down any rough nail edges, and an ergonomic handle so it’s easy to grip on to.

2. Best nail clipper with a magnifying glass: Dreambaby Nail Clippers with Magnifier

  • Dreambaby Nail Clippers with Magnifier, £9.71 at eBay – buy here

Get a better view of the baby's tiny nails with these Dreambaby nail clippers, which come with a magnifier.

The lens folds away so you can slip the portable design into your baby bag or travel pouch.

The general consensus is that these are good for kids of all ages, with one reviewer writing:

'These clippers are the best I have had to cut little nails'.

3. Best nail clippers for toddlers: Tweezerman Baby Nail Clipper With Bear File

  • Tweezerman Baby Nail Clipper With Bear File, £6.18 at Amazon – buy here

The cute balloon design can help put your reluctant toddler at ease, and these Tweezerman clippers have a large handle for easy maneuverability.

The nail file has an enticing bear print and is ideal for days when you need to shorten your little one's nails but don't want to deal with the whole saga of a full-on clipping session.

Recommended for babies two months and up.

4. Best baby nail file: Thumble Wearable Baby Nail File

  • The Thumble wearable baby nail file, £10.49 at JoJo Maman Bébé – buy here

If the thought of approaching your precious baby with a blade makes you want to cry, don’t worry.

Another parent felt exactly the same way and designed the Thumble so that you’d never have to.

The highly-rated, award-winning nail file fits snugly onto your thumb for hands-free filing, so you can easily feed or cuddle your baby as you file away.

5. Best baby nail clippers with a spy hole: Stylfile Nipper Clipper Baby Nail Clippers

  • Stylfile Nipper Clipper Baby nail clippers, £7.99 at Amazon – buy here  

Created by Apprentice winner, inventor Tom Pellereau, this S-shaped nail clipper (with a file) has a spy hole that lets you see exactly where you’re cutting.

Fans insist they're the 'best nail clippers out there for kids'.

6. Best electric baby nail clippers: 6 in 1 Electric Baby Nail Clipper with LED Front Light

  • Buycitky 6 in 1 Electric Baby Nail Clipper with LED Front Light, £5.99 at Amazon – buy here

This hi-tech piece of kit is battery-operated (although the motor is practically silent, in case you want to do some post-bedtime cutting), with an LED light for a quick, safe and efficient baby nail trim.

There are six interchangeable grinding heads for kids and adults, with cushioned sandpapers for babies and attachments for adults to shape and buff their nails, because all mums need to treat themselves, too.

And we know that when you have a newborn in tow, your manicure appointments disappear as quickly as your weekend lie-ins.

7. Best basic baby nail clippers: Tommee Tippee Essentials Nail Clippers

  • Tommee Tippee Essentials Nail Clippers, £2.50 at Amazon – buy here

These basic, no-frills baby nail clippers are great to have for trimming nails on babies, kids and adults.

They have a moulded handle and rounded safety edge, and can be used from birth.

8. Best baby grooming kit: Seilent 4-in-1 Baby Grooming Kit

  • Seilent 4-in-1 Baby Grooming Kit, £6.96 at Amazon – buy here

This well-reviewed baby grooming kit includes baby nail clippers, baby nail scissors, a frosted glass nail file and tweezers for the baby's nose.

Everything has rounded tips and curved edges for safety, with ergonomic handles to help your grip.

Reviewers like the cute animal design and say the products are useful and functional.

9. Best on-the-go baby nail kit: Beaba Toiletry Bag Complete with 9 Essential Accessories

  • Beaba Toiletry Bag Complete with 9 Essential Accessories, £30 at Amazon – buy here

For travel or simply on the go, this hanging toiletry pouch from Beaba has everything baby needs.

The set includes bath and digital thermometers, nail scissors, file and clippers, as well as a hair brush, teething ring, gum brush and nasal aspirator.

The bag itself is a useful piece of kit, with multiple storage compartments.

10. Best chunky baby nail clippers: Baby Comfy Care Deluxe Safety Nail Clipper (Blue)

  • Baby Comfy Care Deluxe Safety Nail Clipper (Blue), £7.22 at eBay – buy here

For parents stressing about clipping their baby's nails too close, these chunky nail clippers ensure that won't happen.

Fans either love them or hate them – those who love them think the design is brilliant and insist they take the worry out of cutting even the tiniest of nails.

We’re all about helping you find the best products at the best prices, so follow the link if you want to check out more of Sun Selects’ recommendations.

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