You've been using dry shampoo all wrong – it’s all about WHEN you spray it, not how much

You've been using dry shampoo all wrong – it’s all about WHEN you spray it, not how much

November 29, 2021

SAVING us precious time and giving our hair a chance to recover from constant over-washing, dry shampoo is hands down one of the best things invented.

That is, if used correctly.

If you're amongst those who just spray the life-changing powder onto your greasy hair and pray it does the job, you might want to rethink your routine.

According to Rachel Bowling, there is a correct way of using dry shampoo on the days when you're too lazy or don't have the time to do a full hair wash ceremony – and it's not about how much you spray.


The biggest mistake we all make when using dry shampoo, she says, is spraying it too late.

''You need to use it after your first wash!''

''This will help absorb the oils as they happen rather than trying to cover them up!'' she explains.

Using this method instead of attempting to give your hair a fresh feel when it's already too late means there will be no white cast left on your roots.

One Instagrammer also pointed out to another benefit: ''I use it to give my hair volume after I style it then use it in my hair every night before I go to sleep!''

There were many who, like us, at Fabulous, had been doing it all wrong, with one commenting: ''Say what…''

''I think you've just changed my life!''

Apparently, not only do we not know when and how much but also how to use it: ''Just turn your head upside down and get into the roots – it's quick and easy!''

However, there were also some who believed this hack to be faulty: ''Pretty dumb, it works the same whenever you put it in your hair,'' one wrote.

''In fact, it will just cause your scalp to become dry,'' she added.

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