You’ve been storing your peanut butter all wrong – my simple trick will stop the oil separating from the spread

You’ve been storing your peanut butter all wrong – my simple trick will stop the oil separating from the spread

January 21, 2022

WE CAN all agree that peanut butter is universally loved – or at least, by most people.

Everyone can say that they've indulged in a variety of ways – adding it to baked goods, desserts, and even eating it straight out of the container.

But did you know that this entire time you've been storing it all wrong?

Assuming you eat the natural stuff, you'll notice the oil and spread tend to separate quite easily.

I mean, even sometimes the regular stuff tends to get tiny pools of oil at the end if you've had it for a long (and reasonable) time.

And when that happens, you'll probably spend a few good minutes just mixing it all together before indulging. Talk about an arm workout.

Well, in order to prevent this, you should have been storing it upside down!

According to PureWow, if you store it upside down, the oil will distribute throughout the spread and you won't get any separation.

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But that's not all – have you ever tried to measure peanut butter in a measuring spoon and needed to basically pry it off to get an accurate measurement?

Taking to TikTok, Sydney Raz revealed he finally discovered the hack to easily measure sticky ingredients.

Using a non-stick spray, he simply sprayed the measuring spoon he was going to use.

This would, of course, create a sleek enough surface so that whatever he needs to measure can slide off completely without struggling to get the last bits off.

This would also prevent any huge messes from happening.

In the video, he mainly used honey as an example, but many in the comments said it would be useful for things like peanut butter, margarine, and even syrup.

"No mess!" he said at the end of the video after he watched the syrup slide off the spoon seamlessly.

Another person in the comment section revealed their handy hack.

They said: "I saw recently you can also make a spoon imprint (the size you need) into the dry ingredients and fill the imprint with the sticky ingredient."

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