You’ve been cooking your popcorn wrong – this built-in trick will separate the unpopped kernels

You’ve been cooking your popcorn wrong – this built-in trick will separate the unpopped kernels

December 13, 2021

THERE’S nothing better than cozying up to a movie with a bowl of buttery popcorn.

And there’s nothing more annoying than accidentally biting down on a rock solid unpopped kernel.

One TikToker, who goes by Isabella Avila, said that there’s a trick to prevent these unpopped kernels from making their way to the bowl– and people can’t believe they’ve been oblivious to it this whole time.

Holding up a freshly heated bag of microwaveable popcorn, Isabella, who goes by they, pointed at the slightly opened slit at the bottom of the bag.

“That little slit at the bottom is used to shake out the kernels in the bag,” they revealed.

With the slit pointed down, Isabella shook the bag over a glass bowl and the kernels began to fall out and into the bowl.

Because the slit is so narrow, the popcorn did not escape with the kernels.

In the video, Isabella shared some more life hacks.

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Their next trick involved a bathrobe:

Instead of passing the rope through the robe’s loops behind you and tying it in the front, they said you should take out the rope, pass it through the loops in front of you and then make a knot.

This will prevent the robe from opening so easily.

And the final trick appealed to avocado-lovers everywhere.

Holding up half of an avocado and a Tupperware filled with water, Isabella said: “If you store a cut avocado in some water in the fridge, it’ll last two to three days longer than if you just left it in the fridge.”

All you need to do is place the avocado half into the bowl of water with the flesh facing down.

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