You’ve been cleaning your chopping board wrong – my mum taught me the right way to do, it all you need is two products | The Sun

You’ve been cleaning your chopping board wrong – my mum taught me the right way to do, it all you need is two products | The Sun

November 20, 2022

CLEANING is a part of life. 

But there is a right way and a wrong way and we’re here to tell you that you have been cleaning your chopping board the wrong way. 

Wood can be a breeding ground for bacteria and it soaks up juices. 

That’s why they are easily stained. 

This can be particularly dangerous when you only have a chopping board for different food. 

Items such as raw meat when mixed with other foods can easily spread bacteria. 

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Holli has a cleaning TikTok account called hollicleans. 

She shares helpful cleaning tips and tricks with her 42,000 followers.

In a recent video Holli shared her method she uses to clean her chopping board which she learned from her mother.

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And the method only uses two ingredients you probably already have in your home. 

Holli said: “My mom taught me to clean the cutting board this way and honestly—nothing compares”

First Holli wets her board in her sink. 

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Then she sprinkles over baking soda. 

After this she get a lemon cut into two halves and squeezes the juices over the sprinkled chopping board.

Holli wait about 10 seconds whilst the lemon and baking soad react. 

This is important so dont skip it. 

The Holli uses half a lemon to scrub the pasty bubbly mixture into her chopping board. 

The lemon helps kill any bacteria and the gritty baking soda acts as an abrasive.

After scrubbing Holli washes the lemon and baking soda of with hot water. 

It’s probably best to give the chopping board a quick once over with washing up liquid and a sponge as well.

The video has now gone viral with over 7.6 million views and 463,000 likes.

Viewers were very impressed with Holli’s cleaning tip.

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One commenter said: “I usually use salt and lemon, cause the salt is abrasive so it helps scrub it. and abit of olive oil when dry”

Another said: “Cleaning tips from our mamas just hit different.”

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