You can now get paid £4k to wear jewellery at home – and you get to keep the glam rings and bracelets too

You can now get paid £4k to wear jewellery at home – and you get to keep the glam rings and bracelets too

November 10, 2020

CALLING all jewellery lovers, you can now get sent thousands of pounds worth of rings and earrings for a new job – and you get to keep it all.

If you’re constantly snapping selfies showing off your bling, company Jewellery Guru is looking to hire you to model their latest range.

Two lucky applicants will be selected to receive a haul of jewels worth £4,000, which the brand says will include a “beautiful selection of some of our most show-stopping pieces”. 

Some pieces you could adding to your jewellery box include a pair of nine-carat gold and diamond hoop earrings, a flower design diamond pendant, and a set of silver and one-carat diamond earrings.

Describing the role, the team said: “All we ask is that you try on the pieces, and take photos of yourself wearing the jewellery to be used across our website and social media.

“We are looking for people with a unique style, a keen sense of their own identity, an energetic personality and a passion for all things gold, silver and gemstone.”

The company said the positions are open to anyone “who loves jewellery”, but you need to be over 18 to enter. 

Snaps from the top ten applicants will be shared on Instagram, and the person with the most likes will clinch the first role, while a panel will decide the second winner from the remaining nine.

To be in with a chance of bagging yourself some jewellery, simply tell the team why you’re the perfect person for the job here, with applications closing on November 8. 

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